Rally For Peace: Activists Support Each Other

Support Occupy Peace Rally July 23 2022: Activists Support Each Other

Surviving 2 years of covid, surreally, we are yet plummeting down rabbit hole together with wages, small business and NASDAQ towards what else… extinction from either now from nuclear war or next 50 years from global warming largely caused by war machine’s consumption of fossil fuels.

This present moment our world is on brink of nuclear world war as NATO and US gov are stirring up and diving right into Ukraine Russia conflict. However, unlike other offensives over the past 70 years, this war would be on American soil, wiping out large metroplexes, and if not wiping out entirely, then obliterating America and any economy we have now. If NATO/US officials invade, Russia has the nuclear to do that. If Russia’s command headquarters get destroyed, Russia’s AI missiles will automatically deploy and destroy key national infrastructures of the aggressor. Its really that serious. We all need to stand up and tell NATO and US gov to stop the insanity immediately before its too late. Support Occupy Peace Rally July 23 2022

Watch this video to see why we must Occupy Peace now or die for war 2022

Wow, can that really happen to me, civilized country bantering on about abortion, bathrooms and Biden? Well, it seemed surreal to civilized country of Lebanon the moment Beirut exploded from a nuke like bomb, killing hundreds and destroying lives of many more, decimating their beautiful city, wiping out grain storage that would have fed the entire country the next year. No warning, just like that!

What can be said then of a meticulously agitated war by outsiders dictatorially ordering now 50 billion dollars sent out of sight of their own recently jobless, homeless and growing angrier every day populations. Thats perfectly normal for government to decide on how to spend its budget. Its legal for Black Rock to mandate this from government, because it now owns government. Its capitalism, fair and square.

Each one of us is a baby capitalist… even, ironically, the grass roots social activist groups. Pro-gay, pro-women, black lives, abortion rights, environmentalists, anti-vaxers, on and on… Each social group keeps to itself, afraid to mix matters with members of others, in view of outcompeting in center stage to finally bring its agenda home. Problem is that each group is rather small and isolated… But what would happen if we all connected on personal level? Yes we may not agree on all issues, but isnt our mission to be heard and considered? Aren’t we naturally driven by common democratic principles? Our issues are basically one need to be heard and validated. Actually, what we really need is to change this system entirely: a system where decisions are made without our consent in the first place. This is not an issue that gets resolved at the country wide level. A system where people’s needs are validated starts in your own community, so its up to us to lead the way. All our lives matter. Our problem is that the system we have supported and venerated even, has now gained so much momentum that its easily rolling over all our rights in plain sight, because over centuries, we were raised to be law abiding, ladder climbing good citizens, or hard working serfs, or silent slaves, satisfied to be let alive to some capacity. So we imagine all fine, chugging beer, gossiping about someone only to smile in their face the next moment.

Julian Assange is being extradited to US for revealing American war on terror genocide to American people. Women have no say about their bodies anymore. Yes we know, but so much propaganda, and censorship has turned our brains upside down and we go about our day as usual, consumed by keeping our day going ok. Fear drives our decisions about taking untested vaccines and now to silently support sending American weapons used to kill Donbas civilians in Ukraine, generously funded by US tax payer dollars. If its not fear of the enemy, then its the fear of punishment: censorship, humiliation, isolation, deportation, fund freeze and death. Either way, its all under control.

Let those activists do whatever they do. I have no time for that. Im no feminist, although I enjoy women’s suffrage and freedom of making money so I dont have to rely on abusive relationship to survive. Im no environmentalist, but I buy organic whenever on sale. Or even worse, Im no environmentalist and I looove the smell and taste of chemicals! Yup thats the mindset of folks. Unbelievable but our minds have been turned upside down literally.

Anyway, while we arent going to turn activist all of us overnight… , we do cumulatively have a good percentage of activists that would gain attention by coalescing in their common mission to gain peace and freedom.

From talking to people I see a common delusional idea prevails that we have to fairly distribute our attention on each issue, rather than all of us joining hands. Its a tragic fallacy that too much spotlight on Julian Assange, for example, is robbing another journalist or social issue of justice. Locally Ive tried to unite anti-war and pro-Assange groups in one protest, but strangely people fail to see the connection and prefer to protest separately in tiny bunches of 5 or 6 people instead.  So I completely understand and agree with Harriett Fraad  Capitalism Hits Home: US Militarism & Domestic Terrorism – YouTube

Here in US all of us peaceful social movement activists: feminist, gay rights, black lives, unions, constitutional liberties, etc need to realize that we are all basically working towards the same goal: respect for our lives at large. What we are all craving is recognition and collaboration and we have it available right here all around us already! Let’s unite following in recent footsteps of French NUPES alliance that achieved that same epiphany in June presidential election.  The only way we can gain any momentum is by supporting one another! As Gerald Celeste rightfully said in is recent video “United We Stand Divided We Die” in nuclear winter. 

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