Clean up US Uranium Mines in US!

Clean Up The Mines! – Urge Congress to Pass Legislation to Clean Up Abandoned Uranium Mines #cleanupthemines  Watch “Child’s Dream” Reign of Darkness Finale semi light hearted multimedia cartoon giving a hopeful resolution to the peace struggle. designed for all ages

Capitalism vs Socialism

Capitalism vs socialism and God forbid communism. What about colonialism, hegemony, imperialism, neoliberalism and totalitarianism? Isnt totalitarianism another word for dictatorship? Listening to personal views unfold I see some activists remain divided on this front. Who is the bad guy? Capitalism, no …you dont want… Read More »Capitalism vs Socialism

New York City Published Nuclear Emergency Response Video 7-12-2022

Department of Emergency management of New York City released a nuclear emergency response video today. ABC7NY news anchor conjectures its “not a potential danger” so is our $60 billion simultaneous intervention with a major nuclear power, Russia simply a coincidence? For in depth commentary on… Read More »New York City Published Nuclear Emergency Response Video 7-12-2022