“Child’s Dream” Reign of Darkness Finale

A hopeful finale to reign of darkness, “Child’s Dream” resolves fist fight between life and annihilation. TV-G Content intended for all audiences. Its theme is an asymmetrical debate between a handful of peaceful albeit rebellious peace fighters and the military who crush them every time. Smog of war fills the world with darkness, financed by the insatiable violent handful who will stop at no amount of amorality to usurp world’s resources. Until a shift of consciousness takes humankind on its new trajectory, dismissed and forgotten are the nations of lives torn to pieces for the greed of the insatiable dynasty ever reaching for their undefined and therefore unobtainable satisfaction, ultimately to their own demise.

Brains bound by nationalist rhetoric, and or blinded by dependable income and benefits, military execute the carnage heroically, their hearts shut in fists. As the masses watch their own quality of life slipping people slowly wake to the reality of world domination by the few, so too, one by one military open their eyes and find the nerve to be led by their hearts. Military join hands encircling the globe with doves of peace and world carnage stops. Fist opens setting free all the world of children as Despot departs to and in Despot Land spaceship far from here into an encrypted dimension.

Fist fight is never the answer. A debate is not meant to find answers. Its intent is to overpower. Debate uses persuasion, by bringing forth certain truths and not others. A campaign uses exactly those same tactics, but criminal propaganda simply lies to get whatever it wants, using money usurped from world’s hardworking people to shut up any dissent.

Debate isnt Communication. Dialogue isnt taught in schools. Why is that? Dialogue means listening to the other side with the intent to understand their point of view. The intent of dialogue is to get along. That entails an open mind to change your perspective and together find an answer that benefits both sides. But none of that is desirable if your mission is to replenish a society of minions raised to die for your hollow greed.

For that reason wisdom also isn’t talked about. Stupidity drives world power but it’s not a lack of intelligence, as Eckhart Tolle points out in his interview with Russell Brand. We can assume these heads attained degrees from the most prestigious universities. However, in the early stages of nuke development there were certain wise scientists who refused to continue, visualizing the looming danger paramount to all life. Scientists against Nuclear Arms[1] (SANA) formed in 1981. There were many more who never cared to lift their head out of the sandbox. Critical Thinking skills are tested in grade school, but Intelect can be reliably carved to bypass life’s important questions.

All you need is to plant the intent in the developing mind. That realization is intelligent, but its implementation was not wise. The intent to be an obedient servant embraced by so many, the desire for people to become a vessel for the benevolent and just force of good God, I understand. However, this vehicle also serves to reinforce the mass mindset of submission, personal powerlessness and lack of accountability. How common are these: “Its not my fault” “They told me to do that” ” Thats above my pay grade” “Just tell me what to do”.

An intent of the masses to be led is prime for being led astray. People become so comfortable truncating their personal thought progression in learned places to fit in the mold of society. They feel defined, explained, and secure, and see no contradiction with feeling needy, empty and addicted to quick gratifications. Perhaps a hologram for their own masters. God helps those who help themselves, and a handful of nearsighted thugs have certainly showcased that in plain sight.

God is wise, reign of thugs will collapse, but so will all their good Samaritans, subservient minions who haven’t done a thing with their intellect to help God resolve this much sooner. Indeed all of us who haven’t taken the initiative to cultivate courage to guide our own lives. Nothing is more blasphemous than forsaking your own spirit.

View “Child’s Dream” Finale to Reign of Darkness Like birds, humans are capable of collective consciousness. Carnage ends when all of us become the leader of our conscious mind (be led by our hearts). Listen to interview with Dr Joe Dispenza

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