Food Shortages will result from American War on Russia

First clip: Defacto war on Russia, sanctions dont just hurt Russian citizens, most of whom dont support war. These sanctions are also undermining citizens of Euro-Union and American citizens alike. Those suddenly spiked gas prices will be followed by growing price on commodities and food shortages as Pres Biden announced. Watch clip or watch the entire video commentary at link above.

Second clip : Indian official answers pro sanction guilt trip from an American rep of Wasington DC. America has left at least seven counties in total ruins within the last twenty years of its “war on terror”, utterly irresponsible to the millions displaced and untouchable for the millions of civilian casualties it created. From its first day of its war on terror in Iraq, American government simply has zero moral grounds to pretend its humanitarian objectives behind its ever militant “support Ukraine” propaganda. India is a huge country that is standing its ground, refusing American sanctions on Russia for those reasons alone. Watch clip or watch the entire video commentary at link above.

Watch full video at (9) Biden Admits U.S. Economic War Will Hurt Americans & Europeans – YouTube

Watch this interview between Rosanne Barr and JP Sears how culture of manipulation in media has taken the fun out of funny

Watch former UN weapons inspector, Scott Reitter, illustrate the side of Ukraine resistance contradictory to main stream. Scott explains what actually happened in Bucha

Watch “Child’s Dream” Reign of Darkness Finale semi light hearted multimedia cartoon giving a hopeful resolution to the peace struggle. designed for all ages

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