Hitler Nazzis and American Politicians

Nazzis and American politicians have common ground, at least according to this charming woman. Kitty Werthmann finds her own story fascinating because the media conveys an entirely different image of an outwardly tyrannical dictator. Well into her nineties standing up in front of an auditorium to narrate her own life growing up in Hitler occupied Austria. Kitty reveals the ironically shocking parallel to our, modern, world, visible to anyone who can see, but one somehow we collectively turn our face. Wrapped in her childhood its now easy to understand why our modern society still marches to Hitler’s drum, as we recite Ann Frank faithfully in grade school, so that we may never forget! How can we ever forget something that never ended? We just cant see something we are integrated into. This ugly thing we call truth, not only thrives in its naked authenticity in foreign lands under the name of national security, but also mutates into family friendly forums commonly in guise of political parties and taxes. How funny is the marriage of human Faith and Enginuity. One obeys, the other manipulates. One is the perpetual child, and the other its ever conniving predator. Yin and yang of some genetically engineered never-verse, one that has the good climbing past obstacles of sin towards radiant fulfillment, grabbing onto sanity and inter-connection , all the while a bundle of human Satans are somehow climbed up and watching, passing generous farts of nauseous smoke and sugar powder down the mountain to ensure the pinnacle remains a fairy tale passed on to children.

Who are these aliens, so eager to destroy? How old are they to never grow wise? Or will they simply fly off to another galaxy whenever? If they can leave this planet so easily, that would explain how easily they perched there on top. Do we resemble ants, or do they see bursts of energy that cumulatively they feast on

Speaking of flying off to neverland, here is an interview with Scott Ritter on the Nuclear Modern Warfare and just how carefully we should stick to our own affairs.

Want to hear something more funny, then check out Uncensored Chemical Warfare Lies About Hitler from one of my favorite America’s most censored comedians, Lee Camp.

Up next, now two comedians going at it, on topic of Media putting up a guise to cover up those lies!

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