What is Meaning of Truth?

Does free speech effect meaning of truth? Free speech means free thought. Without free speech there is no freedom of thought. Jordan Peterson states something that, along with many things he says, caught my attention. He goes on to explain that verbal expression actually allows better assessment of ideas than purely thinking them, because humans tend to rely on others’ to qualify their own thoughts. So then what does truth mean if all that we think and say is subject to being debunked? Truth as it turns out, according to Peterson’s other lecture, can be both opposing views. It depends on who is analyzing those thoughts and subjective views(aka truths) surrounding that analysis.

As I kept exploring Jordan’s inner landscape on YouTube, I got enthralled in his thoughts when suddenly I heard him declaring global abject poverty ($1.90/day) on brink of eradication by 2030 according to UN and child mortality rates in Africa are now same as fairly recent Europe of 1950s and that we have more forests now in Northern hemisphere than 100 years ago and in China than 30 years ago. He explains its due to coal burning and a much more efficient global agriculture. Yet, according to my truth, coal ramifications are a far cry from ecological / humanitarian solutions we urgently need, and what about American appetite for stake? Though it does look like meat industry is on a sudden decline, why would FDA choose to give up this strong hold in the name of vegan movement, except in the name of a better opportunity?

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Jordan also believes we aren’t ruled by patriarchy, because an overwhelming majority of his men audience believes their innate masculine got black-sheeped in childhood, thus denied of integration into self expression and resulted in repressed shadows in adult life. All these truths are false or not entirely true from my experience of our world, yet I am so glad Jordan is speaking freely. His studies and thoughts have given me new understanding of dynamics of personalities in relationships, and of the difference between and the significance of both: child’s self expression and setting boundaries. He is a fascinating story teller. Besides, when a person accumulates so much knowledge, doesnt mean he knows absolutely everything. I admire his enthusiasm in his extensive field of study.

Authenticity Means Ability to Change Your Mind

Some truths may be or seem fluid , but perhaps I understand now clearly how standing behind your own words and also having the open mindedness to replace those thoughts openly without feeling shame, is where humanity starves. Our global society reveres status quo to the point where people gladly blindfold themselves with white lies and thought censorship. Indeed the very act of bringing up topics of disagreement is too often a sure path to anger and invalidation and rejection. Each person prefers to remain feeling victimized in a bubble than to take a chance with status quo. This “lack of critical analysis comfort zone” is being exploited by tyranical power mongers, who easily disseminate dangerous lies that set groups of people against each other and thats how groups become manipulated into believing in their personal insignificance and powerlessness, and a strong need of a strong leader. On all levels of society, life’s struggle is to attain and maintain power and a deep fear of losing what you want drives it. How cold bleak and devoid of life’s energy such a reality feels.

Yet, spirit of cooperation does not come from our government, socialism, or capitalism. Its the higher nature of every human being. It is not a mass ideology. It only finds authenticity on individual level. Its heart beat is communication and forgiveness. Not to be confused with debate and repentance. Its best to cultivate forgiveness after having reached out to genuinely understand the other, and maybe having changed your perspective even slightly. Therefore, seeking understanding, rather than repentance, is the ultimate goal. Most conflicts are the result of lack in real communication skills. Genuine communication brings deep meaning to human interactions and our existence.

It may feel deeply satisfying and purging on some carnal level to elicit guilt from another because you have learned to build walls and to punish. You know the toxic feeling of festering guilt. However, lets replace dysfunctional with path to compassion. If someone mistakes their own sense of innate superiority for righteousness and insists on condemning your sins, then lets learn to forgive, both your act and theirs. Not everything is so easy and some truths are a lot more obvious and real and can drive people insane when starved of all compassion.

However, got to be wise. Those obsessed with control at all costs to others, dont speak compassion and forgiveness, and their malevolence has more force per square centimeter than a continent of pure benevolence. Those people wont ever repent, and every inch of global humanity needs to rise up. Question remains, how does humanity generate such disagreeable beings? Could it be that ostracized shadow from childhood, that is perhaps getting passed on down the line long after that shadow has lost its memory and transformed into the one defining sense of entitlement.

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