Inner Thigh Massage Work Out Aerial Massage Tutorial

Inner Thigh Aerial Mat Massage Work Out Tutorial


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Inner Thigh Massage Work Out Aerial Massage Tutorial

Inner Thigh Work Out Aerial Massage Tutorial

Inner Thigh work out with Aerial Silks

I dont need to write a paragraph on how you get an awesome inner thigh work out doing aerial silks! But did you know you can also deliver a deep one of a kind inner thigh massage using aerial silks?

Aerial silks has become the spectator’s magnet  of acrobatics. A kaleidoscope dance of unison between a supple body and its fluid partner colorful drapery, one suspended from the other in mid air. Hypnotizes all senses. Your mind battles the intimacy one human being has entrusted on a non living  object created by another human being. On a subconscious level, watching daring acts of trust such as this strengthens our own connection with other human beings, appealing to our desire for oneness with a safer world. In this moment confidence of the performer fuels our own confidence.

Acrobatics supercharges our sensuality, passion and lust as one of the most captivating sights in this world as we know it.    Ofcourse all these sensations are pure reflections of the effortless bliss the acrobat herself experiences, supercharged with adrenaline induced endorphins.  Flawless body mechanics captivate the observer while liberating its executioner!

Inner Thigh Aerial Massage Work Out !

But you dont have to be the strong skillful acrobat with unparalleled inner thigh grip to tap into all these from a first person’s point of view and to share that sensation with another…

You can feel free fluid and confident in silks at ground level.  You can give someone a massage of their dreams with your feet firmly  planted… 😉 There is something inexplicably exhilarating in being able to give a hands free massage while swinging  all over the place as a necessary requirement for  offering the best quality aerial silks massage. Not only is aerial silk ashiatsu massage effortless and fun but it offers unparalleled control in angling the pressure, and pressure consistency. This solid tracing path you enjoy from having a harness to guide you while keeping your body secure and utterly suspendedly comfortable simply cannot be done without its embrace.  Aerial silks ashiatsu lends perfectly to the consistently penetrating yet smooth pressure needed for good inner thigh massage, in addition to toning your own body 🙂 Whether your client has achieved a round of Bulgarian Split Squats, landed that perfect deep cattle bell squat or just worked the *** out of their thighs, your feet will get the job done but feel effortless like child play!

Aerial Massage vs Regular Ashiatsu

So whats the secret of aerial effortless precision? If you have any experience doing a massage with your feet, you know holding on to something sturdy provides a safety net for yourself and your receiver. Customarily one holds on to a sturdy bar above, which offers that stability. Your weight still falls 100% on your feet. Angling your pressure is limited by the virtue of your weight being in your feet 100%. Your body cannot comfortably tilt back without losing quality of pressure or compromising your body mechanics. Body mechanics is everything to the longevity of your body and therefore your massage career. Sitting in aerial silks allows your body to swing back to achieve the angling you need to hit a muscle form the side instead of straight down. Because you no longer rely on your feet to stay upright you are able to release all your body weight into that pressure through your feet, while remaining very comfortable. Suspended yet grounded, all strokes feel smooth and relaxed because your body stays comfortable while in fact realizing a great full body work out!

Check out this preview of my Inner Thigh Massage Work Out Aerial Ashiatsu Tutorial:

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