Putin Inflation, Sanctions, Missiles, and Peace 3 most important speeches of 21 century

The following post highlights live video chat from Scott Ritter, former military strategist and consultant for NATO, who has been following Russia Ukraine conflict. Also, listen to Gerald Celente commentary on US pushing for nuclear war with Russia with NATO increasing from 40,000 to 300,000 troops and now CIA has also arrived in Ukraine for what reason?

Scott encourages you to listen to these “most significant speeches of 21st century” thus far:

2007 Munich speech by Vadimir Putin

2018 speech: Putin reveals information on latest missiles that can travel non-stop across the globe, while adjusting directions in zig zag manner dodging obstacles to reach any target. A warning to NATO’s expansion, an existential threat that Russia has been preparing for.

Vladimir Putin describes Russian cultural situation and progress made on behalf of pensioners, children, economy, ecology, etc., contrasting marked deterioration in United States on these same issues.

Putin also expresses the danger of NATO taunting Russia via methodical conversion to NATO of its bordering neighbors, by sending weapons and thus breaking Minsk Treaty. In fact, post-cold war former Russian president Gorbachev expressed Russia’s desire to become an ally with the United States by joining European Union, but was rejected. Given current events and rejection of Russia in 1980’s, its clear that NATO, though has long outlived its original purpose as a military alliance against German Nazi invasion of 1930’s, now persists as the militant spear doing everything in its control to force global empire on the entire globe. NATO is an imminent threat to all countries, but especially those that resist its mission for a unipolar globe. Both Russia and China have been busy developing their own economic systems and sovereignty, and therefore dont play ball to imperialist unipolar efforts of USA and NATO. However, NATO’s hostility has an end…. Russia has an automated system of long-range AI missiles, set to deploy the moment a foreign nation deploys its weapons to Russia. These AI missiles are programmed to target and destroy key cities and infrastructures. Putin asks USA/NATO are you listening now? No they still arent listening, or Ukranian conflict would never happen. All the ongoing 8 years of genocide by Nazis of Russian Ukrainian civilians in Donbas and Lugansk leading up to Russian invasion wouldnt have happened, and now the endless supply of weapons to Ukraine wouldn’t have happened, prolonging the war, and skyrocketing Ukranian death toll. Also, watch 2018 QnA presentation at Yale by Vladimir Pozner: highly informative and awakening to reality of whats driving Russophobia propaganda by US media, and how citizens can effect a change.

Feb 4 2022 speech: Putin explained reason for special military operation in Ukraine:

“One day there is one leader, and tomorrow another, but a military presence in territories bordering on Russia, if we permit it to go ahead, will stay for decades to come or maybe forever, creating an ever mounting and totally unacceptable threat for Russia.”

In 2014 coup, heavily funded by US and European imperialist elite overthrew Ukraine’s pro-Russian leader Yanukovych. Zelensky became Ukraine’s new puppet leader backed by Neo-Nazi party “Freedom” that is now too advancing its hold on Ukraine, largely thanks to pro-Nazi media coverage in the West. NATO has blatantly lied about its international law promised in United Nations charter: it never stopped expanding East, and now ever since 2014 its literally playing in Russia’s backyard, Ukranian territory: military bio-labs where Ukranian citizens aren’t allowed, funding combat training for Ukranian military, and now money laundering 40 billion dollars in weapons sent to Ukraine to extend Russian occupation and the bloody conflict, to drain Russia of its resources. Biden announced boldly in press conference the mission of US involvement: to weaken Russia and to overthrow Putin. Apparently, that should normally receive majority votes of approval from US public, except Americans are now increasingly preoccupied with inflation, fuel costs, shortages, and housing crisis, wages that remained the same since Covid 2019 started and the billions of dollars washing from their motherland from the moment of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine Feb 2022. However despite sanctions, Russia made $100 billion this quarter.

St Petersburg speech: Putin: “Russia was forced to go ahead with the special military operation. It was a difficult but necessary decision, and we were forced to make it.

This was the decision of a sovereign country, which has an unconditional right to uphold its security, which is based on the UN Charter. This decision was aimed at protecting our people and the residents of the people’s republics of Donbass who for eight long years were subjected to genocide by the Kiev regime and the neo-Nazis who enjoyed the full protection of the West.”

Russia won war with Ukraine , and calling out US and EU sanctions and indeed all precursors to current Russia-Ukraine conflict as thoughtless and ignorant of their own erroneous decisions. Instead US and EU are busy blaming Russia’s recent occupation in Donbas for all the global “Putin inflation” that’s been spiking since 2019 start of Covid, busy enforcing unipolar unilateral power, new world order via NATO expansion. However, Biden and NATO are “madmen speaking in padded room”. The world has woken up to their strategy of profiteering at the expense of other countries.

“The West not only sought to implement an “anti-Russia” scenario, but also engaged in the active military development of Ukrainian territory, flooding Ukraine with weapons and military advisers. And it continues to do so now. Frankly, no one is paying any attention to the economy or well-being of the people living there, they just do not care about it at all, but they have never spared money to create a NATO foothold in the east that is directed against Russia and to cultivate aggression, hatred and Russophobia.”

Putin goes on to elaborate on the cause of deficit : free printing of unsecured currency by US and EU which wiped poor countries of goods to stockpile in the developed nations. This currency, not backed up by real commodities has caused severe inflation and economic collapse in both US and Europe. Russian Donbas occupation is used as the scape goat for actions taken over past decades by Western imperialists, using an outdated model of conquest by brute force, rather than co-operation through peaceful diplomacy. Imperialist power is crumbling now due its own tunnel vision, that fails to recognize other immerging powers that are based on more fairly distributed wealth models that consider environmental and public benefits in their macro economic projections.

US has increased its money supply 38% since corona pandemic 2019. Such drastic increase previously took decades. Thats an increase of 5.9 trillion. However, US did not actually produce any goods to secure this new money printed into global circulation.

Europe comes close second with money supply increase of 20%, or 2.5 trillion Euros during the same time.

While US used to be one of the main exporters, its imports started to outweigh about 30 years ago: its exports are now 17 billion less than its imports: Imports went from $250 billion/month, to now $350 billion, a 40% growth rate.

EU increased its imports even faster!

This new currency that’s not represented by real supply of goods has led to shortages and global inflation, making cost of raw material and consumer goods, especially food, more expensive. 2022 food price index is 50% higher than 2020, while composite raw material index doubled!

Putin then addresses his domestic policies:

  1. Encourage domestic enterprise growth. Because they are seen as unnecessary intervention, audits have already been reduced 6 fold and will be abandoned completely except in cases where people or environment are in danger.

Another source of undue interference: expired licenses that are denied renewal by foreign licensing entities, will no longer stand in the way of businesses, although state oversight will continue.

Business loans with extended pay back periods and lower interest rates to encourage domestic innovation and production of essential goods to sustain the nation and to outpace future import challenges.

2. focus on renewed infrastructure

3. family education and health care to encourage increase in birth rate.

World hunger: Russia is prepared to increase its grain exports in the next season to 50 million tons to assist countries, many of them in Africa and Middle East, impoverished by unipolar military assault, and thereby affected the most by mass hunger.

Ukranian Borchenko: Minsk accord was never meant to be followed. Its purpose was to buy time for NATO to build military to take Crimea. US trains 5 battalions per year starting 2015. Ukraine has intensified its shelling of Donetsk, the recently proclaimed independent republic of predominantly Russian demographic. People of Donetsk have called for Russia’s interference to stop this mass genocide that spans 8 years, thereby legitimizing Russian interference.

Right of self-defense (not to be confused with offensive self-defense when no attack is happening, used by Israeli occupation to excuse their ongoing massacre and mass evictions of Palestinians) is the second condition in Article 51 of United Nations Charter which unties the use of force knot.

At the same time Ukraine is losing too many soldiers: casualties doubled in three weeks. 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers lost every two weeks. This number cannot be reinstated by Boris Jonson’s announcement to train 10,000 in 120 days.

By comparison: USA has 6,000 its own soldiers killed every year, from a population 20 times larger than Ukraine.. Ukraine is underreporting casualties-report as missing to collect salaries. At this rate Ukrainian army numbers are unsustainable. This massacre on both sides continues, but all Russia wants is respect for its borders to remain free of NATO, as promised in Minsk Pact but never kept. Instead, NATO has annexed several countries bordering Russia, keeps fueling US proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, in collaboration with Neo-Nazis, breaching previous coexistence and close partnership between two sister countries: Russia and Ukraine.

Transnistria and Odessa will be taken by Russia at this point as part of its denazification effort.

Putin reiterates that Western politicians have taken on blatant lies in their international negotiations. At the beginning of Russia’s special military operation, Biden announced to American public that America will not interfere. In this case Russia would have air superiority and reach quick compromise with Ukraine, saving all the bloodshed. However, quickly since then both NATO and US are sending weapons, Poland, member of NATO, sent two battalions. Thanks to Western puppet press Ukraine is winning information war, only.

War ends once Ukrainian constitution says: nazis are illegal and Ukraine will never join NATO.

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