Say What You Love, Dont Kill What You Hate

Dont Kill What You Hate Say What You Love Le Friedman and Grimes

Transcendental exchange of thoughts between two highly introspective humans: musician Grimes and Lex Fridman, also someone Ive heard before, but only listened to for the first time in this one hour interview . Lex brings up interesting questions, challenging her thought current to detour on a fascinating conceptual exploration together. Grimes tackles boring political nightmares of corruption and war with radiant philosophy of having social good become part of social profit structure. Lex points out how social platforms like YouTube and Spotify have already democratized the previously narrow world of the entertainment industry, and Grimes admits she would gladly give up her extra income to give room for world of artists to make a living.

She points out her view of art as “a communication with all artists that ever lived”, that no artist presents a totally unique perspective. From her point of view, we are all better off sharing in art rather than competing for the spotlight. Having gained her fame as a solo artist, from song writing to mixer board to performance, Grimes has nevertheless become aware of her desire for the indispensable tool of another human brain. With the right people, human collaboration redirects and thus rejuvenates and uplifts and thus extends individual creativity. Grimes also brings up topic of motherhood as being socially devalued, which leads mothers to feel torn by desire to care more about their children at odds with victories of feminism so recently and valiantly attained. However, here too Grimes came to realize this conflict comes from the nearsighted global patriarchal construct of devaluing the hard work that goes into raising great humans. Watching consciousness unfold and guiding that process captivates mothers. Furthermore, making great humans, “the fuel of human civilization” deserves compensation which in turn ofcourse will encourage pride in the achievements of motherhood.

Too many women silently perceive children’s upbringing as the thankless burden to the sound of social pressure as the whip of exploitation. Having realized this, Grimes now whole heartedly enjoys her balance of mesmerizing over her children’s conscious awakenings and her heightened appreciation of her own creative time that she makes sure to carve out regularly to keep her individual connection to life. In other words, as long as a woman doesnt feel cornered into becoming just one thing, as a sacrifice for the common good, a woman will balance motherhood with positives in her life, and achieve her own sense of self determination and autonomy. Similar to how a potluck dinner is a lot merrier than one cook slaving away in the kitchen, the responsibility for common good ultimately depends on all human beings to step aside just a little to allow everyone to live fulfilled lives.

Grimes admits that motherhood has turned her a lot more positive and want to imagine better future for her children. Lex agrees with her that optimists often receive one sided criticism for dreaming of pies in the sky, for their neivete, often attributed to blindness from privileged life. Grimes points out that our imagination becomes reality, so its important to imagine good things, not get fixated with evils. That resonates with saying what you love for the sake of saving it, rather than killing what you hate. “When you kill things you often end up killing yourself.”

Grimes’ example of saying what you love, to make education open source, everything available online, which, would make student debt a forgotten past and bring education to the forefront once more. Lex agrees that the path to conscious evolution is to find problem, fix what’s broken.

As techno sapiens, possibly coined by Grimes, we no longer rely on violence to satisfy our boredom. Its up to us to embrace intelligent design, to embrace non violence, “choose to reorient, optimize for creativity” rather than allow ourselves to fall back into dark ages once more.

Speaking of social media, Lex “takes negative comment, thinks positive about that person and forgets they exist” Grimes: “social Media is like a gun, have to take class”

Although the quote is “save what you love” , the first step is to think of or to say what you love…

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