Self Realization from Your Intuitive Mind

Self realization, according to JP Sears comes from listening to your intuitive mind. However, fear driven decision making drives our current human paradigm. Near sighted by fear, our rational mind clings to self preservation only to drag ourselves further into the abyss of depression ruled by oppression. JP encourages us to tap into our intuitive mind and let its voice guide us. Many times our intuitive mind leads us towards self realization in steps that challenge our fear of letting go of what we know. But then again isnt short term gratification when compared to longevity or vitality of fullfilment, irrational? One is life support, the other a fertile soil to establish your identity and grow. How much of your energy is fear wasting and how happy are you to spend every minute pacify it? How much time does that leave for connection with true fullfilment? Do you know the difference?

Watch two comedians JP Sears and Rosanne Barr discussing media hypocrisy

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