Uncensored Chemical Warfare Lies about Hitler

Uncensored chemical warfare lies …Jewish Former Goldman Sachs CEO lies saying “even Hitler didnt use chemical weapons” in an attempt to provide basis for his next lie that Putin wants to use chemical warfare in Ukraine. As Lee Camp, poignantly points out, Putin “could make a parking lot of Ukraine” in matter of days without the need for any chemical weapons. Pentagon has stated the same, and the past 25 days have in fact well documented that Putin defies such lies, as he slowly plays this out, strategically encircling rather than entering cities, and strategically picking non-civilian targets, as if he wants to minimize blood shed and is buying time, awaiting a diplomatic resolution. That’s, without any exaggeration, the opposite of flattening entire heavily populated regions with latest weapons of mass destruction that’s been the signature US foreign military operation for the last few decades or since such weapons came available. Such western chemical warfare propaganda obviously cheering on insanity, should leave you wondering if the insane maybe ourselves, rallying for a no-fly zone over Ukraine, without caring to learn what that means….and its direct and immediate result: nuclear World War 3, and this time US citizens would be effected. Maybe its finally time to drop those rocks we’ve been hurling at the foreign enemy, and look elsewhere a little closer to our own ego to resolve our frustration?

Watch highlights below or watch full video commentary Biden Admits U.S. Economic War Will Hurt Americans & Europeans – YouTube

Watch this video on the topic of chemical experiments performed on US active duty and veterans Abused and Betrayed 100 Years of Troops as Lab Rats

Looking for the perfect bedtime story, then look no further. You wont believe this entertaining and ridiculously frank account about growing up under Hitler from Kitty Werthmann a 90 something cofounder of South Dakota Eagle Forum, an anti-just-about-everything-sensible group.

Watch video discussion on entertainment media hypocrisy between Rossane Barr and JP Sears

Watch “Child’s Dream” Reign of Darkness Finale semi light hearted multimedia cartoon giving a hopeful resolution to the peace struggle. designed for all ages

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