Used and Betrayed Veterans Documentary

Who betrayed veterans? We back our troops. We are Not included in the decisions of tax dollar allocations, so we assume our hard earned money is being distributed patriotically in accordance with our deeply held values of liberty and security for our country. Certainly our military deserves all the financial support to keep them armed, fed and reminded of home while stationed overseas in barbaric hostile territories. That image comforts and humbles, gives our own daily grind a dignified meaning, an almost duty to those that serve us…. but, we also dont stop to consider how and what purpose our tax dollars really serve.

In this documentary Empire Files exposes real struggles of hundreds of thousands American veterans, stories that don’t ever hit front page headlines. These stories having nothing to do with enemy combatants, have everything to do with chemical and psychological experiments that the pentagon has been executing on unwitting US soldiers for decades and the train of health consequences and medical bills that taxes aren’t paying for.

Watch the full documentary:

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as though we will believe them and not historical records.

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