What is Alienation from Capitalism?

Alienation from capitalism. Richard Wolff – how is alienation dilemma resolved by Marx socialism?

According to Richard Wolff, a famous American economist, capitalism eventually leads to monopolies by virtue of competition. Thats what we have now. Except its more literal and circumventing than it sounds. Its a monopoly turned hegemony, where institutions seemingly unrelated are operated by one single global network that’s puppeteering global economy, stock market and all global wars: global mass genocide and Earth’s biome(human) extinction.

So how did Marx intend to steer capitalism to thwart such sickness?

Marx was describing a concept of democracy at work. He said all workers, not just one person or one small group, should be making decisions on 1. how to operate, 2. what amount of income is adequate for everyone to live and 3. and what to do with surplus (net profit). This concept isn’t new. Indians of the New World had lived such a structure of co-operation for thousands of years up until European colonists used brute force to exterminate them and their way of life. Native Americans held gatherings to discuss all issues where work and life weren’t separate topics. Work was done to benefit everyone and everyone was heard, and those were egalitarian societies, not patriarchies. A sense of community kept people caring and committed to each other’s well-being. Such societies built on solidarity rather than division were the most functional kind of social existence that all the world enjoyed prior to 10,000 years ago. Then with the advent of agriculture, patriarchal ruling class emerged. Learn more here.

Today, instead of true democratic local forums, corporate manipulative lobbying takes place normalized in everyone’s psyche like all political corruption. Anti-trust efforts are ineffective because their representatives take bribes from large corporations. Using all those profuse profits skimmed off of wages, clandestine lobbying activities have become quite elaborate and take a number of shapes. “The sky is the limit” profiteering potential drives the greedy capitalist mindset to more extreme selfish goals, progressively trampling all human rights and our planet, while penny pinching the bottom line: their workers slaving away for an ever downward spiraling miserly existence. Its the rat race, far from community reinforcing, workers feel estranged from one another. Thanks to a culture educated by mass media marketing, they too are encouraged to emulate their archetypal billionaires, by participating in cut-throat competition by trampling each other, in this delusion climbing their way to the top, where if they make it they will have lost their soul. This cold-blooded competitive culture of capitalism, devoid of all human connection, has borne alienation at the workplace and a depression pandemic.

As dollars cluster in just few hands, American people are once again desperate for sustenance. To pacify the public, Fed prints empty cash, cash that’s not secured by physical resources. More money chasing the same amount of goods however only results in ever spiking inflation, yet thanks to corporate greed, wages are kept from matching pace with inflation, so people still cant afford food, shelter and transportation and are primed for a hero, a murderous tyrant draped in sheep skin, to come and save them, like Hitler. Yes what we have is the same totalitarian regime all Americans were raised to fear, and censorship of truthful information has now become so extreme as to rival the worst times in so called “communist” former USSR. That tyrant is already here but this time we aren’t able to find its face. Indeed, we have all been rearing it, defending it, yet censored from knowing what it was and wasn’t, and now it’s full -fledged monstrosity and…. is it too late to unite as a global community and defeat it? If soldiers refuse to kill there will be no war…

China in the meantime has achieved success in preventing monopolies by practicing socialist principles to control billionaires. China taxes vertical integration high to dis-incentivize companies from taking in disproportionate revenues, and to incentivize companies to co-operate with one another to create a product, rather than producing entirely inhouse. Distribution of wealth at production level essentially is what it is, although it still falls short of Marx’s idea to involve workers in decision making inside the company. Still, it seems like an effective step in the right direction. Chinese government also demands utility for the common good, enforcing strict repercussions on companies focused on selfish profiteering. Unlike US, China doesn’t provide billions in aid to corporations to bail them out of financial crises.

A modern success story of democracy at work is Mondragon Corporation. Their work environment follows closely with Marx’ teachings since their founding in 1956 in Spain.

Indeed capitalism is a war mindset.

Giant capitalist greed has been driving all government decision making in American national and international politics. They got the idea to apply the same killer strategy to international policy more literally, namely overtaking other countries’ resources via actual war, and buying off politicians to keep wars ongoing. This mindset is really not different from how settlers massacred millions of native Americans, by taking advantage of their morals, using brute force to break their spirit, wiping out their land, traditions and thousands of years’ ways of life for quick gains of power.  Americans at large recognize pillage, rape, and arrogance as the blueprint of power, a baller, hustler. Its that beat of big corp-puppeteered pop culture, that keeps a badass climbing to the top amidst bloodthirsty society. Every young American, with some exceptions, is at some point that proud baby capitalist, hustling to the beat to get to the top at the expense of relationships and the spirit of life itself, chasing sparkle that’s teasing meticulously so close, yet out of reach.

If soldiers refuse to kill there will be no war…

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