What Nuclear War in Ukraine Really Means

What Nuclear War in Ukraine Really Means…. Watch this fascinating interview above with Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector, who during the Iraq War found and voiced the truth that no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq. The greatest perversion of it all is that this truth came known long before troops were ever deployed, yet Americans stirred by valiant rally from all media outlets to fight in war on terror, bought at face value this coverup story for the reality. A massive distribution of tax dollars to the wealthiest and cruelest humans alive today… cumulatively laundered our hard earned dollars in blood of millions of innocent people from countries we were brain washed to see only as a hostile third world states in need of a “deep cleanse” a Christian makeover. God certainly saw American hurricanes sweep through Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc., not as the democratic peace keeping missions so eagerly soaked in by “civilized” Europeans and American listeners, increasingly sedated by every day toils and lulled by the refreshing shallowness of material addictions.

Scott Ritter became outspoken about war on terror, invalidating the narrative of US invasion and occupation of Iraq. Scott is now outspoken about the present war in Ukraine, in which we are again hearing massive propaganda, that have us support no fly zones, as if we are naive to think that Russia will obediently stay home and not fly because we said so. What if they dont? Do we care to know what that means too? US government lies about the reasons for, and the events happening in the Ukraine War. Thanks to Scott’s experience and knowledge working in the military and with various international agencies we can finally appreciate some facts about what is happening in Ukraine.

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