Why I Dont Want Kids… Still

Why I dont want kids… JP I really Really REALLY love your content. I disagree with this projection because I remember myself as a kind gentle perceptive and sensitive child, who has hardened stiff ofcourse, and whose psychological traumas I cry over sometimes because they disappeared her. I see myself surrounded by brats. Maybe its the area I live in but I dont think so. Our global societies dont believe in 1. deep values, such as caring about and connecting to what others want, especially parents, 2. honoring promises, 3. a healthy generosity driven by empathy rather than ego, 4. laughing with you rather than hypocritical mind games to backstab and humiliate. List goes on. Because we are surrounded by people bathed in such antisocial fake values, my kids have no chance to remain the open minded, kind person to adulthood. Other than that I am afraid of pregnancy. It took me all my life to heal my inner child through all eating disorders, autism, and abandonment by society. I dont want to sacrifice my finally rehabilitating life now to care for a wild card that would likely suck me dry from anger. Honestly, since traditional societies are primarily patriarchal and religious, and therefore truncated psychologically for all genders, while leaning on women to uphold double standards as the norm, authentic chivalry and respect of the past is a rabbit hole, in my projection.

In answer to a reflection by JP Sears, a wonderfully nontoxic comedian and someone who is one of the closest people to my perspectives overall (30) Why Don’t I Want Kids? – with JP Sears – YouTube

Here is another great interview with JP Sears, one that I agree with, on power of self expression

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