Why Julian Assange Not to be Extradited to US

Response in Defense of Julian Assange Not to be Extradited to US:

Someone on FB: I am ambiguous and torn especially about calling Assange a “journalist”. My biggest problem is with his philosophy of “radical transparency”! Unlike Snowden, Assange handed his documents over to true journalists to sort through them to decide what was worthy of publication and what might be too damaging to publish. Of course that sounds and is subjective but Snowden did it for the right reasons. The “radical transparency” philosophy of Assange and then his contradictory selective releases of anti Clinton and other documents that he seemed to have a personal agenda with I find problematic. There is certainly a difference between Assange and Snowden in that sense. As there is a different between Assange and Daniel Ellsberg in that same respect. Another issue is the claim of Assange of being a publisher. Yes, I guess he released documents out into to digital world but calling him a publisher might be a stretch. I’m just on the fence with Assange. I’ll admit part of the reason has been his inconsistent nature and problematic personal issues across the board. I definitely don’t believe that any news organizations that published his documents should be prosecuted. That is established law and much more clear. Perhaps I’m splitting hairs here because Ellsberg was charged but eventually released. And, Ellsberg is a rabid defender of Assange. I’ll post Ellsberg’s 2020 writing on Assange here to elucidate Ellsberg’s view.https://www.washingtonpost.com/…/1bc75c92-f849-11ea…

Answer: Your commentary is a disheartening sound of the society at large desensitized to human suffering and injustice. cruelty in plain sight has been embraced as the normal response so long as you yourself are happily tucked away free to contemplate what color toilet paper fits your fancy. Julian published documents that were leaked by individuals from US military, who realized what government was doing behind the backs of all their citizens was both unconstitutional and immoral, against all democratic and all basic human rights principles, and so they dared to reveal this to the masses hoping to realize a change for the better. Instead, we have been witnessing scape-goating and cowardice by the masses, and a decade of slow murder of the person who published these leaks slowly fading away in total isolation in max security prison. yet here we are still sitting indecisively slowly roasting the merits of his potential lack of allegiance to one criminal vs to another.

Whether you want to term him journalist, publisher or neither is irrelevant. He revealed truth. All military revelations were historical, so posed no threat to gov military strategy, but nevertheless Julian and his staff at Wikileaks went through considerable trouble to redact names just to ensure safety of those individuals, and not one person or military objective was hurt by thousands of his publications. His revelations opened American eyes for the first time to the otherwise unbelievable atrocious foreign policy of destruction of populations and human infrastructures. Thanks to leaks from Edward Snowden, Wikileaks published documentations of unconstitutional invasion of privacy, spying and mass surveillance on all American citizens by US gov since 9 11 via all kinds of gadgets. Secretly enforcing mass surveillance on constituents is an egregious violation of American constitution and trust.

We inherited a gov of, for and BY the people and its up to us to demand transparency and to determine necessity and legality of access to private information in an open democratic discussion. Sex allegations against Julian held no water and were dropped long time ago. From day one, 10 years ago, he has been detained illegally simply because they can. Two months ago, on the day of the appeal Oct 27, Julian suffered a stroke in his cell but the British judge followed US gov agenda anyway to grant US appeal to extradite to US prison system indefinitely up to 175 years, instead of doing bare minimal justice of letting him go free man to his family forever. How much more shallow and compartmentalized can we get in our thinking before we see virtually nothing?

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