Why We Must Rally for Peace or Die for War 2022!

Listen to experts in video below to understand how US wars are destroying everything from your food to climate. We must stop the madness of never-ending wars to get a chance at good life again where people’s lives all over the world are respected, spoken for by all of us global citizens and protected from destructive US military occupations, airstrikes and proxy wars! Join in and make your voice heard to stop all foreign war! We must not wait and your voice really matters.

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New York City Just Published Nuclear Emergency Response Video 7-12-2022

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Why We Must Rally for Peace or Die for War 2022:


  1. Drain hundreds of billions American US tax dollars over past 50+ years, leading to the biggest economic crisis in American history. None of the US modern wars are existential emergencies or even provoked in any way and are therefore offensive and are declared unconstitutionally: bypassing Congress, thereby bypassing people’s representation.
  2. Humanitarian apocalypse: destroy civilized life one country at a time, genocide in the millions, homeless and refugees in 100s of thousands, DU and Agent Orange cancers and unthinkable birth defects passed permanently to their children by the oppressed and US veterans, blowing up infrastructures and domination of foreign natural resources, leaving nothing but oppressive puppet governments, rubble and mines that are still maiming playing children 50 years later: Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Panama, Grenada, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Venezuela, Serbia. Sanctions and bombing of vital infrastructures, such as water treatment facilities, are forms of mass genocide too. In 1991 sanctions in Iraq killed 100s of thousands of Iraqis, including well over 100 thousand children. The list of countries that have and/or are currently experiencing mass genocide from US sanctions and US military occupation includes Guatemala, Cuba, Congo(Zaire), Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Panama, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, North and South Korea, Chili, Nicaragua, El Salvadore, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and multiple other Middle Eastern counties such as Palestine, Lebanon and Yemen by US partners Israel and Saudi Arabia. Why is America marching the streets, divided and conquered over abortion ethics, yet remains silent as US military franchise destroys lives of entire nations all over the globe with billions of our tax dollars? Because both US government and US mainstream media are owned and scripted by those same people that profit from the weapons global distribution. Its the peak of capitalism unchecked spilled out of its country’s borders, capitalizing on fear and hostility to drive its money laundering. Its a model of profit for the savage few at any cost. If we people of the word and our militaries dont unite now and refuse to fight in these wars, only an end of world will stop this. Read book by Chris Hedges “War is Force That Gives Us Meaning”
  3. Real Threat of End of World 2022 from Nuclear War: current incessant involvement of US and NATO forces in Ukraine pushing for nuclear exchange between Russia and US that would end the world.
  4. Biggest contributor to global warming induced imminent extinction: that’s why even if every factory business, vehicle and airline suddenly achieved 0% emissions, humanity would still be fast approaching global climatic collapse by 2050
  5. Break up families in US and abroad. Promote destructive behaviors: alcohol, brothels, and violence offshore among young military personnel. Not much discussed but well known among the military.

Watch updated videos at QR code. Share. Act now. Speak up. Find and Call your representative at this link

Tell Congress member and Department of Defense 800-424-9098:

  1. Rebuild America by Bringing Home the Troops and Stop Foreign Entanglement and Proxy Warfare

3. Respect America, Stop robbing us via Illegitimate “Executive Orders” of our basic democratic rights to assemble and speak and write and exchange our thoughts freely

4. We the People Are Paying for Every cent of Wars, and so We demand to be involved via democratic vote in every decision relating to declaration of war and Congress must uphold our vote!

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