Love Yourself through Active Healing

Love Yourself through Active Healing

Alisa is on a quest on how to love yourself through active healing. She is a raw food chef and an enthusiast of holistic physical exercises. Proper body mechanics are of utmost importance in maintaining physical health, whether youre doing a bench press or doing the dishes. Getting places, are great opportunities to recharge physical vitality throughout the day, whether its biking to a grocery store or walking on all fours to the living room 🙂

Love Yourself through Active Healing
About Active Healing

Alisa shares unconventional wisdom to having a loving relationship with yourself and others. She expresses this love by putting her well being: mind body and spirit, first in everyday life. This is backwards to the majority. Most of us would feel guilt, approaching a situation from this perspective because from an early age we are told to push our physical bodies to the limit, and especially to suppress “bad thoughts” and negative emotions. As a result we grow out of touch with our internal guidance system. This may help you fit into the current “backwards thinking” society, but you pay by learning to distrust yourself and losing our ability to love yourself unconditionally.

Seeing Through Conditional Love

The problem with that is in essence we have lost our ability to love period, and thats the most precious and most beautiful experience because true love is what warms your heart! To truly love yourself and other is to desire to to be with yourself or someone because you can see right through the essence of this person. Achievements are temporary finite conditions. Basing love on these is like walking a tight rope over a cliff.. Doesnt exactly give you that warm feeling does it? Neither does it feel warm and nurturing to be given attention for your ability to suppress free self expression, for “being a good boy” because he makes his parents look good in public and has learned to suppress his needs and thoughts so that his parents dont emotionally reject him. Its pure censorship and only serves to teach children to be fearful of standing up for themselves and what they truly believe in. In fact conditional love is all about instilling fear. Its fear of being forsaken and punished.

We are expected to give love to others, and to prioritize their needs over ours. What message does that send? We are unworthy. This message rings especially clear if you find yourself without a counterpart to shower you with love. As evidenced in numerous hit songs, your heart knows that true love is when someone desires to stick by your side and see you through the difficult times. However, how do we know how to love someone unconditionally if all we ever experienced was “conditioned love”?

In her quest of self love, Alisa reaches out to her inner child. Her inner child is confused by years of rejection. Patience and consistency establish degrees of trust. Alisa consistently spends time outdoors, exploring plyometric moves, breathing techniques, and other healing and body alignment exercises. Her body loves to be active every day and throughout the day. Her body loves to exert itself at times but not past a certain point. Respecting her body is her mantra. Nature offers a healing outlet, where negativity dissipates. Unlike people nature is always there when you need it most. Alisa often finds herself in best company with Pickle, her faithful companion.

Alisa’s Journey toward Self Love

Alisa’s journey of active healing started at 10 years young when she decided to stop drinking coke. At age 12 she stopped drinking coffee 🙂 At 13 she started doing calisthenics on her own every morning. You see, from as young as she can remember she had chronic constipation, bloating, abdominal pain and a pot belly. She wanted to experience relief and a better body image.

Ironically age 12 is also when she became anorexic. One year later, the day she experienced a scary attack of mania towards her beloved Australian shepherd, Alisa started eating normal. At least that was the idea, accept it turned into binge eating. Binge eating and compulsive eating she struggled with ever since. The last 2-3 years she is mostly dealing with compulsive eating, which is ofcourse a huge improvement.

Compulsive eating is brought on by negative thoughts, which are still ruling her mind. Thats because she only recently realized thats not normal 🙂 Thanks to Teal Swan’s plethora of videos, she has gained valuable insights into how to further heal herself of past experiences. The presence of even one negative thought, especially a persistent one, requires immediate attention! No kidding if you are serious in leading yourself into the life you desire!

Binge eating is also brought on by negative thoughts, compounded by self rejection. In effect you are drowning your thoughts! Yes binge eating is like being an alcoholic and compulsive eating is more like being a neurotic smoker who needs a fix at every change of scenery.