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Massage and Insomnia

Insomnia or Not

You have experienced insomnia, or a sleepless night before. Most people want to maintain some control over their waking hours. Its easy for some people, especially if you dont need that much sleep or generally prefer to be a night owl.

Geeting good sleep

So why do some have so much trouble with insomnia? It can be anxiety, stress, poor sleeping habits or external factors. Sometimes a change in your physiology will dictate a change in your sleep schedule. Regardless the reason, when you really want to go to bed and cant you can make insomnia worse by getting frustrated, giving in to bad habits or addictive sleeping pills. First, always try to figure out the cause of your insomnia. It may be that you make yourself stay up a little too long past your biological time to fall asleep. Try to go to sleep when you are feeling tired, even if for just a little while. Keep lighting to a minimum once it starts getting dark or at least a couple hours before bedtime. Write down thoughts and tasks that keep spinning in your mind and feel at peace that you will remember and attend to each one tomorrow when you are feeling refreshed. Meditation or books on energy and meditation work great for emotions like anger, anxiety. Reading and writing in general can be a very good activity to include in your bedtime routine, as long as what you are reading or writing is reflective and calm. As soon as you feel a little sleepy, turn off the light and let your imagination run free. Tell yourself a visual story.

Massage for Insomnia

There are a few massage tricks that you can apply to yourself. Start with dim lights, peaceful ambient sounds, and perform self massage in your bed. You can work the spleen, heart, pericardium, bladder, gallbladder, liver, and governing and conception vesselsĀ  acupressure points with just a few simple moves. These points are found on your torso, third eye, feet, wrists, and base of skull and you can spend only a bout a minute on each and remember to cover both sides. Make a ring with your thumb and index around your other wrist and rub it back and forth. That is very calming to the nervous system and effects several organ systems. Take some calm deep breaths and focus on something happy and positive.


Although all massages help with insomnia, cupping massage is a quick acting technnique that reduces anxiety and helps fall asleep.

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