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Massage Brings Out the Tension

Tense and Not know It

You may think of getting a massage as a relaxing time. Your body, however, will likely remain pretty tense if tense is what youy are most of the time. It takes conscious effort to send relaxation throughout your body. Just like your hands likely remain locked around the steering wheel while you are stopped at a light, your body stands guard for whats coming next. However, you can be resonably assured that during your massage hour none of this tenstion will come in handy, so practice reminding yourself to relax completly in those brief moments. After all isnt tension closely related to stress, which is the main cause of all diseases?

Tense During Massage?

Are you a tense person? Do you hands clench when sitting? Do you fidget, unable to sit still? Do you clench your jaws? If not, you might experience tension in other more subtle ways. It may sound strange, but its actually rare that a person acts truly relaxed during their massage session. The person reacts surprised “I didnt know I was so tense” as their body softens, but only briefly.

Massage Helps Tension

So far, it sounds almost pointless getting a massage for tension, since one apparently cant relax even then. However, like any bad habit, breaking the habit of chronic tension requires patience. Massage brings awareness, the first step to breaking a bad habit. Besides awareness it also offers a training session as one receives constant reminders from the therapist to relax. Regular massage sessions offer repetition, the third component of breaking a bad habit. I cant think of a more pleasant habit breaking method than receiving a massage. Can you?

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