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Massage for Body Alignment

Why Body Alignment

Body alignment effects your quality of life a lot. Misalignment actually causes chronic tension and lack of flexibility, although it can also work vice versa. Chronic tension means you feel chroniclly tight and not even realize it. Often this leads to poor control over emotions and dealing with life’s daily challenges. At the end of the day you may feel exhausted and manicy or depressed. Your tense body wastes a lot more energy than one that is able to remain relaxed. That means you may have a need to eat more but also have less energy. Lacking flexibility offers its challenges too. It means you set yourself up for injuries. You probably suffer from lack of balance which makes falls more likely. A flexible body has a much easier time flexing and molding to an unexpected physical challenge, where as a tense body tends to wear a “brace” which “cracks” under pressure.

How Massage Helps Alignment

Myofascial massage works all of the body, with particular emphasis on large muscle groups of hips and pelvis, thorax and back. However, every restricted muscle group gets worked from head to toe. Myofascial technique does not glide and knead and requires several sessions in order to have adequate time to work all aberated areas. Sometimes certain area need to be worked a few times.

Mainataining Alignment After Massage

Massage, especially myofascial release offers considerable improvement to overall body alignment. To really make a lasting change, you need to commit to a series of these. After that you can wait and see how your body handles and maintains your new structure. With care and diligence, you may maintain the effects of this work many months following its completion. It takes listening to your body, which means being senstitve to and correcting bad posture and body mechannics. It also takes being careful not to overwork and exhaust yourself. Many people will be ok with a ten session treatment once a year, given they take some charge over their habits and lifestyle.

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