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Exercise Paradox and Massage

Exercise that Hurts

Exercise brings plenty of benefit to anyone’s life. However, some commonly accepted and promoted kinds of exercises can also cause important detrimental effects when done improperly or over zealously. Crunches and sit ups come to mind as some of the staples of a regular workout. We focus on definition in our abs, not realizing the big picture. In the big picture, focusing on shortening these muscles drags down your ribs and contributes to slouching.

Muscle Reciprocal Pairs

Whenever you work a certain muscle group you want to also remember to work its antagonist. An antagonist is the muscle group that allows the agonist to lengethen while its being contracted. All too often, people feel that a certain area of their body seems weak, and overwork these “weak muscles” by making them tighter than ever before, while avoiding its anatgonist for fear of contributing to its perceived “strength”. This actually causes lack of balance between these muscle groups and sets you up for lots of chronic discomfort, until you change your exercise approach.

Abdominals Need Massage

Psoas, an important muscle that contributed to good abdominal muscle tone, gets compromised by other tight abdominal muscles. Our stomachs in general tend to store mental tension and therefore can use regular massage. If you feel shy about getting this area worked, consider how relaxed you might feel afterwards. Massage of the abdomen also helps with tight sore back.

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