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Massage Reverses Aging

What is Aging?

When asked how old you are, you probably answer promptly without hesitation, but how does it make you feel? Age may feel like the inevitable part of life, but aging in its negative sense can be greatly reduced or even avoided by paying closer attention to its causes. Pain, the ubiquitous sign of aging has much to do with misalignemnt. In turn, misalignment actually has been found to cause much of the disfunction commonly associated with aging. Misalignment generally starts at the feet and ankles and works up to your hips. Check your hips in the mirror. Are those bones, the illiac crests, horizontal to each other or is one higher and broader looking? If your hips aren’t horizontal, then they must be rotated. Hip rotation reduces mobility and function of your legs and torso.

Massage Returns Function

Regular myofascial massage and ashiatsu can help bring your bones back in alignment. While massage doesnt target bones, these particular massage styles help release the soft tissue that binds your bones and pulls them out of alignment. This happens due to accidents or illnesses, which often leave muscles unbalanced. You can stretch and get physical therapy, but manual manipulation of the fascia has to occur consistently in order to bring this balance back and return full function. An appropriate type of massage can be instrumental in literally turning your life around.

Massage Natural Anti Aging

Not only does massage return function to your body, but a face massage can also help reverse aging. A comprehensive face massage includes myofascial work, detox techniques and stimulates circulation. The myofascial aspect also helps relieve TMJ disfunctions, commonly associated with misalignments or shifts in the bony structures of face and skull. Pain and discomfort caused by TMJ definitely makes one feel older. As mentioned earlier, myofascial massage will align these bony structures, by treating the fascial restrictions causing such misalignment in the first place.

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