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Massage Heals Strained/ Sprained Ankle

Sprain vs Strain

Strain or sprain- who knows the differnce? It turns out that sprain refers to an injury of the ligament, or the connective tissue attachment between bones. A strain refers to an injury of a muscle or tendon, the fibrous less contractile tissue that attaches muscle to bone. Both strain and sprain can range in severity and recovery times.

Massage for Ankle Strain

Today, let’s focus on those muscles most commonly effected by ankle strain. Fibularis longus and brevis both help to extend your foot and also to pull your foot to the side. Gymnasts, dancers, runners and clumsy people with unbalanced, weak ankle musculature can injure these muscles if not careful. A trained massage therapist can perform cross fiber massage to help release adhesions, thereby unbinding fibers to return functionality. A therapist who knows active asolated stretching technique can offer additional guided therapy while you contract effected muscles.

Massage and Healing of Strain

Regular massage by a therapist specializing in injury recovery will substantially accelerate your recovery time from weeks to days in some cases. In order to make that happen however, you want to commit to a minimum of biweekly sessions, and preferably have a session every two to three days. These frequent targeted sessions can last only twenty to thirty minutes and therefore you may get a few sessions in for the cost of one full hour or a ninety minute massage. Depending on the severity of your injury, you will want to come in for a minimum of two weeks to help insure the healing process. After you have recovered functionality and feel pain free, you can discuss your future massage schedule with your therapist and or other medical professional.

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