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Massage ~ Magic of Hands

<span style="font-size: medium;"Sensory Tools

When it comes to qualifying the overall condition of the body,different parts of the hand can perform valuable tests. The palms sense contours, the back of the hand senses temperature variations, finger pads pick up on minute texture and contour changes, finger pads help to determine pressure and depth.

Quality of Touch

As part of assessment both light and deep pressure offer valuable information about the condition of your body. The tissue may feel pliable or rigid, moist or dry, pain free or painful, rough or smooth, and so on. Your therapist might ask you the degree of pain on a scale of 3 to help evaluate condition prior and post treatment.

Skin Deep Pressure

While you may feel eager for the treatment to start, please practice some patience while your therapist assesses the condition of the area being worked. Remember your therapist is thinking hard trying to answer things like how thick , warm, elastic, smooth, etc is it? Too much speed and pressure get in the way A trained hand will feel variations in fascia, muscle, ligaments, joint capsules, tendons and even bones.

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