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Can Massage Cure Lower Back Pain?

How Does Low Back Move?

The lumbar spine, your lower back, primarily flexes and extends. The secondary motions of side bending and rotation dont come as easily and have a considerably less range of motion. In backward bending rotation the body rotates to the left if side bent to the right and vice versa. Same thing happens during walking, where the body naturally side bends left and right with each step. In forward bending, both motions are coupled to the same side, a non neutral motion.

What happens When Your Back goes Out?

The side bending and rotation to the same side that occurs during forward bending and side bending, creates a non neutral motion. Non neutral refers to motion that makes the body unstable and therefore creates potential for injury. A resulting injury can effect inter-vertebral discs, joints, muscles or ligaments. Be aware of how you move your back and perform forward bending mindfully and slowly.

Chiropractic Massage For Your Back

You as the patient will need to participate in order to fix a dysfunctional segment, vertebrae or group of vertebrae. You will likely lie face down, prop up on your elbows and then sit and bend forward. These positions engage vertebrae by inducing them to flex and extend. Dysfunctional vertebrae will likely behave normally in one position but not the other. The therapist uses his/her fingers and thumbs to help identify the troubled area. Hand positions largely remain the same as your therapist gent;y helps dysfunctional vertebrae reach a more balanced alignment.

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