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Updated Ashiatsu Massage Room !!!

Healthy Setup for Massage Room

check this out! This room features, full ashiatsu massage setup, full size heated mat with cushions, Hymalayan Salt* lamps and beeswax candles*, chocolate assortment(including dark) and ofcourse artwork by Juliana Ferreyros!

Natural Lighting to Health

Both Hymalayan salt and beeswax candles are said to include: reduce pollutants in the air, by releasing negative ions. This helps alleviate asthma, allergies, and hay fever, combat infections, and improve your mood. Most electrical appliances are thought to emit positive ions. Hymalayan salt lamps help balance these electromagnetic waves and make living space peaceful and enjoyable. Additionally beeswax does not release soot associated with paraffin wax or other chemicals into the air, because they are all natural.

Ashiatsu Massage to Health

Asiatsu massage has been around thousands of years. It has been independently discovered in Turkey, Hawaii, and the Orient. Its unique pressure goes straight down, helping align the body as well as release tight muscles. A time efficient massage, due to almost double the surface area of a foot compared to hand, you get more massage for your money spent!

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