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AntiAging Face Massage

Anti Aging Face Massage

You have heard of eating right and drinking plenty of water and wearing sunblock as ways to help maintain skin’s youthful appearance. Facials ofcourse come to mind as number one remedy for your face. However, did you know that face massage offers almost all the same benefits that a facial does, plus some unique benefits? That is why face massage should be included in any facial.

Rejuvenating Face Massage

Massage in general brings blood to skin surface, helping to bring oxygen and building blocks to help maintain and restore your skin texture and elasticity. Besides that, massage of the face helps tone facial muscles thus helping to eliminate or greatly reduce saggy places around eyes, mouth and neck, etc. It also draws fluid out of your face reducing puffiness.

Facial Vs. Face Massage

Thats right face massage is almost like a facial, but with some important differences. Face massage when done with quality food grade oil base actually draws out impurities from inside facial pores, helping minimize their appearance. It will also impart a healthy glow to your skin both due to quality products used and improved blood flow. A product used during your massage can significantly improve the overall benefit of your face massage due to ingredients that either contain necessary building blocks or molecules that help stimulate body’s natural production of building blocks collagen and elastin. Massage helps your skin absorb that product much more effectively than simply applying it. You would still want a full facial for a deep pore cleanse, scrub and long lasting hydration.

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