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Sea Salt Mocha Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee Body Scrub: Exfoliation for Glowing Skin

With regular use full body exfoliation products such as coffee body scrub, not only scrub off dead epidermal layers, leaving your skin feeling smooth and healthy looking. Scrubbing action also stimulates circulation and lymph drainage to and from your vital organs, including your skin, the biggest organ in your body. Good circulation and lymph flow means your cells get adequate supply of nutrients, such as oxygen, proteins, glucose. Lymph also supplies the body with white blood cells to help fight infections and carries foreign substances away from cells. Ofcourse you can greatly boost your lymph function with lymph drainage massage😉

Caffeine in the Coffee Bean May Help Skin’s Appearance

Coffee Body Scrub and Skin

Coffee grounds act as a great scrub especially when combined with other abrasive substances, such as salt or coarse sugar. Caffeine has been studied for its lypolysis and cellulite reducing properties, and some studies have confirmed its effectiveness. Caffeine may reduce appearance of wrinkles due to its vaso-constricting property. So if you love the smell of coffee, let your skin drink it up in the shower! You might actually satisfy your desire for coffee, just by allowing yourself to bathe in its aroma:)

Natural Sea Salt is Greyish in Color

Sea Salt and Skin

First, wash your skin as you normally do and then follow with sea salt coffee scrub. This way your skin will have some dampness to help dissolve the sea salt and allow its nutrients to penetrate your skin. Both sea salt and mineral or rock salt, such as Himalayan salt, have numerous trace minerals your body needs for good health. These include potassium, calcium, magnesium and micronutrients. Therefore its healthy to include these wholesome salts in your diet.

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