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Beautiful Skin: Irish Moss Massage

Massage for Skin Elasticity

Beautiful skin is Healthy Skin

Thorough mechanical massaging action promotes beautiful skin via good circulation and lymph drainage and helps your skin absorb topical products. Blood carries buidling blocks such as vitamin K, collagen and elastin. needed for healthy skin. Therefore a lotion containing those and other skin rebuilding ingredients can considerably improve skin appearance. Your skin can be soaking up rejuvenation while you give yourself or a loved one a relaxing massage or enjoying a good hot stone massage, deep tissue massage or ashiatsu at a professional massage facility.
*Tip: Ask what kind of lotion they use and if they mind using a product you bring in.

Fresh Irish Moss for Beautiful skin

Irish Moss, Massage and Beautiful Skin

What one ingredient should you be putting on your beautiful skin? Irish moss, a kind of red sea algae, grows in rocky coastal waters of the Atlantic. It offers vital nutrients such as Iodine and Sulfur( learn more about Sulfur) and vitamin K deficient in most Americans as well as in other civilized nations. That happens in large part due to modern agricultural practices and cultural shift away from sea products, grassfed animal fats and organs and sunlight. Irish moss also contains hyaluronic acid known for its restorative effect on joints and skin elasticity. Your skin absorbs all these nutrients especially when mechnically rubbed in. A massage withlotion containing Irish moss can truly help maintain beautiful skin and restore your skin’s feel, appearance and your overall health from inside out.

Skin Absorbs Bad Ingredients Too

It’s a pleasant discussion thus far, talking about whole natural lotion ingredients. However, let’s remember that skin absorbs bad ingredients too. Do you notice how you seem to breathe easier the less clothes you wear? Well your skin absorbs oxygen but also many other substances in the air and products, including harmful substances. If you care about what goes in your mouth, next time also take a look at those topical ingredients before putting it on or better yet check before you buy or book 😉
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