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Foam Roller Ashiatsu Chest Massage

Now Offering Foam Roller Ashiatsu Chest Massage!!!

Lets face it, there is always some deep stubborn spot or two you just can’t get with foam roller! Meet Ashiatsu 🙂 or pressure done with therapist’s feet… It comes in really handy to apply full body pressure to really get deep into the muscle! Its basically Your foam Roller on Steroids or Ashiatsu gone roller skating 😉

Dont get me wrong. A foam roller is a great self massage tool, but …

Benefits of Chest Massage

Shortness of breath can have several causes, allergies, asthma, and even fibromyalgia. The cause may differ, but similar localized areas of tension in the chest and surrounding ribcage usually develop. Chest massage along with other therapies helps ease shortness of breath and may help resolve it.

Benefits of Breast Massage

Both men and women can benefit from the massage of the fatty connective breast tissue, home to a major part of your body’s detox system, the lymphatic system. Such massage helps improve the overall health of breast tissue, by expelling buildup of toxins and cysts that often get trapped there on their way to the major lymphatic nodes of armpits and breastone. As a result of both men and women can appreciate an improvement in breast appearance too. Due to its ability to reduce swelling, Ayurvedic medicine prescribes breast massage for its analgesic effect for pain associated with breast scarring. You can learn to do this massage on yourself or your partner, or get a professional detox massage.

In any case you should become comfortable with the feel of your own breast tissue. Breast massage can greatly reduce your chances of having breast cancer. Also, your hands can prove invaluable tools in alerting you when something feels different so you can resolve that before it turns more serious.

Alternatives to Chest Massage

To help relax muscles, soak in warm water with epsom salt daily. Warmth helps boost blood and lymph ciculation to the area. You can try acupuncture, and chiropractic in addition rather than an alternatve to chest massage. Ultimately, you should receive chest massage to maintain good health and to release any blockages

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