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Assisted Foam Roller Massage Quads Ashiatsu

Ashiatsu Foam Roller Massage

Now Offering Ashiatsu Foam Roller Massage!!!

Foam rollers are awesome tools at home. However,  it would be that much better if it offered several fold more pressure. Introducing ashiatsu assisted Foam Roller Massage. You as the client can direct your therapist to spots that need it most. your therapist will then utilize their skill in applying pressure just right at the right angle. Your therapist also has the body control stamina to hold that pressure to achieve significant relief 😀 Aaa!! Finally!!! Try it!

Now Offering Ashiatsu Foam Roller Massage!!!

Pros of Foam Roller Massage

Foam rollers improve blood circulation in your skin, fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Regular use of foam roller also promotes a more efficient exchange of nutrients and waste products at a cellular level. Rolling stretches of tight muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It also helps improve range of motion and allows you to target stubborn tight areas: hip flexors, iliotibial band, etc.

Cons of Foam Roller Massage

People also have some common complaints about foam rollers. First, it does take some know how to use this tool, and some foam rollers dont come with adequate instructions. Because foam rolling at home requires a a hrd surface, some people find it too hard and uncomfortable to roll on. Also, many people don’t do it consistently enough to appreciate any lasting benefits and give up altogether. Unless your problem spot rests on the sole of your foot, foam rollers just dont provide have enough pressure to really get into deep muscles.

Perfect Assisted Foam Roller Massage

All the disadvantages above have a solution thanks to assisted foam roller massage.
Even if you don’t know anything about applying pressure, you know your sore spot. Your therapist can do all the rest, including fiding the right amount of pressure and angling it appropriately. Because assisted foam roller massage applies a whole person’s body weight of pressure, you can afford to lie on a cushioned mat and still receive considerable benefit. Now you can get deep into the muscle, all the stubborn hard to get areas. Having someone give you a massage requires minimal effort and people have easier time sticking with an hour of professional massage than an hour of self administered massage, unless they know how to work their foam roller just right.


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