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professional foam roller massage – back

foam roller massage makes stubborn knots pliable
foam roller massage makes stubborn knots pliable

Is Foam Roller as Good as Massage?

Lets consider what exactly foam rolling does for our bodies. Foam rolling has been shown to:

  1. relax the body
  2. improve range of motion
  3. core stability
  4. balance
  5. body awareness
  6. flexibility
  7. coordination
  8. and focus

These same attributes can be procured from  a good thorough deep tissue massage.  is it as good as? tahst subjective because of what you associate with massage? Human touch, gliding smooth strokes over skin. Massage offers a  three dimentonal experience of having your muscles kneaded, and your body moved and stretched. Some people use foam rolling in place of self myofaschial release or static stretching. I agree that allowing your muscles to be supported and pressed into simulataneously via foam roller lends to a better release than static stretching.

professional foam roller massage

one drawback of foam rollingis that you feel like you are the rolling pin. That actually seems like lots of work. Now imagine you are pizza dough. Relax with the best deep tissue foam roller experience imaginable and much kneaded! ha ha! Ashiatsu really showcases on the back already. Add a foam roller and an elephant… Can do without the elephant 😉 Foam roller offers great amount of control for anyone wanting to give themselves a massage. Foam rollers have a firm yet slightly cushioned feel and are light making them easy to take with you. However, sometimes you need assistance in getting deeper into the muscle. This situation comes up when massaging multilayered thigh muscles and your back. Surprisingly, tight pec muscles in your chest also frequently require deeper pressure. Even the best body mechanics have a limit in how much leverage you can achieve on your own. Why not bring your foam roller to massage studio that offers ashiatsu professional foam roller massage?

Ashiatsu and Foam Roller

Lets face it, there is always some deep stubborn spot or two you just can’t get with foam roller! Meet Ashiatsu 🙂 or pressure done with therapist’s feet… It comes in really handy to apply full body pressure to really get deep into the muscle! Its basically Your foam Roller on Steroids or Ashiatsu gone roller skating 😉

Dont get me wrong. A foam roller is a great self massage tool, but …

Book your professional Foam Roller Massage Now! 😀 !!!!


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