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Honey Massage: Anti Cellulite

Try New!!! Anti Cellulite Massage: Honey Massage , Cupping & Body Brush Duo

Anti Cellulite Massage Nurturing Raw Honey Application

What is Honey Massage?

Honey massage with cupping and body brush massage, not your typical massage therapy, but a unique anti cellulite treatment offers an incredible opportunity to improve all stages of cellulite at the cellular level. Thanks to this anti cellulite massage your skin will feel aflush with reactivated blood circulation.
It requires no invasive procedures and feels amazing! Honey massage for cellulite includes cupping: a spanking technique or tapotement and suction action using raw honey applied by your massage therapist. Standard cupping may also be used. Honey Cup and Body brush duo can be done on any part of your body that requires attention.

Benefits of Anti-Cellulite Treatment

In order to diminish cellulite your body requires several key components. Those include blood and lymph stimulation, regular physical activity, proper hydration, good nutrition AND absence of processed foods and other junk foods loaded with allergens, sugar, salt and other ingredients taxing to your body. During your honey spa session,your body will benefit in the following ways: transdermal absorption of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients provided by raw honey and anti-cellulite all natural body moisturizer. Anti cellulite massage also detoxifies your your tissues via activation of lymph drainage and blood circulation to localized areas being treated. In effect you should achieve body contouring and noticeable improvement in skin tone.

What Anti-Cellulite Massage Feels Like

During this anit cellulite massage you will feel a warm sensation and your skin will become noticeably flushed, a sign of active circulation and detox activity. Body Brush follows Honey Cup application. Body brush is made of natural plant bristle and functions to distribute the newly activated blood supply and lymph. You will likely find it a pleasing massaging sensation. Its massaging mechanical action further stimulates the removal of toxic waste causing the appearance of cellulite. At the end of your session your skin should feel soft and invigorated! For best results you typically would complete a series of 10 anti cellulite massage treatments, which can be performed every other day, but not less often than one week apart.


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