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Honey Cupping Massage: Body Contour, Detox, Muscle Tension

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What is Honey Cupping Massage?

In honey cupping massage, honey replaces lotion, due to its ability to achieve suction and special kind of friction. Honey allows pumping out, a suction technique specific to honey massage. Pumping out, or cupping, visibly boosts circulation to the area worked and facilitates detox. Gentle skin stretching techniques improve connective tissue alignment and muscle tone. Because skin partially absorbs products it comes in direct contact with, your skin will also benefit from the topical use of unrefined, raw honey which contains nutrients commonly associated with the benefits of ingesting honey.
Honey massage can be used on any part of the body.

Honey Massage Improves Detox, Skin tone and Cellulite


Honey Cupping Massage for Detox

Honey cupping massage utilizes those sticky properties to your best advantage as part of pumping out, or suction technique. In effect body becomes flushed with superficial blood circulation within just a couple minutes. Suction action also stimulates lymph flow and the release of toxins trapped within fat pockets in the deeper dermal layers.

Honey Cupping Massage for Body Contouring and Muscle Tension

Tying into its unique suction application, cellulite reduction occurs. With repeated applications uneven fascia becomes more uniform and trapped fat deposits can then dislodge themselves and leave the body via lymph. Another technique slowly pulls skin laterally, also effectively releasing stuck connective tissues,which also helps reduce cellulite. Improved lymph and blood circulation and myofascial release of the connective tissues in conjunction with overall kneading strokes help relax and tone muscles. Honey Cupping Massage is perfect for athletes, someone suffering from poor circulation, and everyone looking to maintain youthful glowing skin and complexion.

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