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Anti Aging Face Mask with Clay Banana Tea

Keeping Face Moisturized

Winter time leaves everyone’s skin feeling under loved and chapped. This can cause premature lines and overall dull unhealthy complexion. So how do you care for skin as temperatures drop and wind picks up? Besides sticking with healthy moisture and gelatin rich foods, and swopping face wash for a vegetable oil to keep from stripping natural oils from your skin, consider applying a daily anti aging face mask.

Banana skin and fruit have amazing moisturizing properties


Ingredients for Moisturized Skin

Honey massage
Skin hydration starts with natural ingredients. Avocados and bananas actually offer a great base for a face mask. Both the fruit and the skin of banana have hydrating properties. Another ingredient worth putting on, Irish moss, a red seaweed, has water affinity, so it helps lock in moisture to retain skin hydration. As a result your skin feels silky, soft and soothed.

Ingredients for Anti Aging Face Mask

Avocados also contain hyaluronic acid, used by your body to keep smooth supple skin and normal joint function.

White tea has been shown to promote elastin production and to prevent the breakdown of collagen. Both collagen and elastin help maintain youthful appearance of smooth wrinkle free skin. Drink white tea daily as well!

Irish moss has become quite renowned for its skin rejuvenating properties. It stimulates keratinocyte production, responsible for cell growth. It also provides antioxidants that help protect your skin from environmental radiation.
Irish moss has skin-supporting vitamins, minerals, like sulfur and phytonutrients. Its carrageenan content acts as moisturizer as well as helps deeper dermal layers uptake other beneficial nutrients. Irish moss has a complete amino acid profile and contains various trace elements.

Turmeric, common bright yellow seasoning, offers a lot more to your body. It has been shown to protect your skin from UV damage and helps to fade hyper pigmented areas of skin.

You can certainly whip up a mask at home or purchase an affordable one to save time. Here’s one that contains all the ingredients mentioned and more >>> Rejuvenating Hydrating Daily Face Mask

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