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Relaxing Massage Back & Hands Ashiatsu

Thinking of someone walking on your back, its hard to imagine ashiatsu as a lighter pressure or relaxing massage. However, having bars or ropes in place helps your therapist support his/her body weight and allows for a variety of pressure. Oftentimes, your therapist will use one foot at a time to work small areas and for more detailed work, such as chest or shoulders or hand massage. Back massage can be performed with deeper pressure, gentle pressure and anywhere in between.


Best Relaxing Massage

Everyone needs to take time to relax. Relaxing helps keep your mind calm and organized and it keeps your body healthy. Stress has a direct negative effect on health. In fact some research has revealed that stress causes or contributes to most if not all known diseases. No matter what else you konw about massage, you likely know massage helps with the negative effects of stress. Rightly so. Even the worst most painful massage will help relax. Just kidding. However, even a massage done unskillfully will oftentimes yield very positive relaxation benefits.

How to Give Relaxing Massage

You can offer yourself or loved one a relaxing massage, apart from booking professional massage. First, you want to aquaint yourself with the kind of touch that feels relaxing. Start with gentle gliding pressure and move slowly. Experiment with pressure and speed gradually. Remember that certain areas of the body prefer lighter touch, such as face, forearms and scalp. Some people who like deep tissue, might prefer medium to heavy pressure in these areas. I find that the kind of “perfect” pressure varies with each person. Actually, light pressure makes some people will feel tense, because they want to feel a therapeutic effect. Since people’s bodies and preferences vary, you should every so often ask your recipient how they like it, and then adjust accordingly.

How often to Get a Relaxing Massage

If you normally get deep tissue or other therapeutic massage, consider occasionally opting for a relaxing massage. How often depends on how often you get massages. If you get a monthly massage, ask your therapist if he or she can incorporate some relaxing techniques every time, if she does not already. If you get a weekly massage, once a month relaxing massage would be a good start. If you get biweekly massage I would opt for a partial relaxing massage every time.


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