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Benefits of Cupping Massage


Benefits of Cupping Massage

Cupping massage
Cupping massage or cupping therapy creates suction attributed to many healing benefits of cupping massage. Cupping massage increases blood circulation to the local area, relaxes muscles and releases toxins trapped up to 4 inches deep within tissues. Cupping Therapy softens tight muscles, tones attachments, loosens adhesions and smoothes out connective tissue. Its great for treatment of cellulite,  an inflammatory disorder of connective tissues, not  a fat problem!  However, cupping can have a drastic positive effect on your body image and is a lot safer than lipo cavitation. Cupping in fact does not have any serious lasting side effects when used with common sense. Cupping massage clears blockages in joints, including knees, wrists and ankles. This therapy helps treat sports injuries to the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Suction also hydrates and brings blood flow to body tissues. Cupping massage drains excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways, a vital part of your immune system.

Benefits of cupping:

  1. blood circulation and qi energy flow
  2. joint mobility and stiff muscles
  3. cough and bronchial congestion
  4. chronic and acute pain from fibromyalgia, sciatica, arthritis , learn about how to tell whats causing your knee pain when climbing stairs. Treat arthritis , fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders with noninflammatory foods 
  5. acute and chronic inflammation
  6. immune boost
  7. cellulite, stretch marks, scars
  8. contour, firm and tone skin
  9. shorten recovery time from sports injury
  10. improve athletic performance
  11. digestion and cramps
  12. reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety
  13. sleep


How does Cupping Work?

Cupping massage, or cupping therapy, utilizes a hollow device to create suction that draws skin and some amount of tissue into its cavity via suction. Such devices are normally clear cups made of glass, plastic or silicone. Three standard ways exist to create the vacuum necessary: heat, mechanical pump or plasticity of the material itself, as in silicone cupping massage. The amount of suction varies depending on the type of effect desired. Lesser suction induces relaxing sedative effect. Therapeutic effect generally increases with intensity, but may be undesirable in the first couple treatments in deeply congested areas, where more superficial blockages exist. Once desired suction occurs, cups may remain in one place up to 20 minutes, or your therapist may choose to glide them slowly over a general area, performing a kind of massage. Both ways achieve therapeutic effect.

Safety of Cupping Massage

Intense marks created typically remain at least a couple days following cupping therapy. The color indicates the type of stagnation effected, and can vary from shades of red to yellow, and grey and may contain speckling and other patterns. These marks pose no safety concerns and do not hurt, unlike bruises. In fact these marks help guage the benefits of cupping massage performed.

Gliding vs stationary cupping, amount of suction, as well as severity of condition treated, all effect mark intensity and duration. With each subsequent treatments, these marks become noticeably less intense as the underlying condition improves.

Another kind of cupping, called wet cupping, utilizes small lancets to prick the skin within the circumference of the area underneath a stationary cup. This technique intensifies certain healing effects of cupping therapy as it draws out toxic or stagnant blood out of the body and into the cup. Wet cupping generally has a very high safety record but should be performed by professionals specifically trained and licensed.

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