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Massage Best Christmas Gift

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                     massage best Christmas gift

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Massage the best Christmas gift!

This Christmas give the best Christmas gift, a massage! Massage is the best gift, period. You really don’t have to think about it, you just know it… How many times I hear clients say “aah I need to buy a massage for my sister or husband…” Even more often a client will, sometime during the massage, murmur “next time he asks what to get me for …., I ll say don’t worry I already bought one on your behalf” and we both giggle. Its a no-brainer really. But why is massage the best gift? Well, I have yet to meet a person has no stress or tight spot or some injury.

Best Massage to Gift

Well, that is easy. Why not buy a general massage package and let them choose? If they haven’t had a massage before, all they need to do is talk to their massage therapist or ask for a suggestion when booking. Any massage offers health benefits. However, you will have the best experience if you make up your mind whether you want more of a therapeutic or a relaxation massage and then communicate that to your therapist. Many people find that they actually want both, to pamper themselves but also not miss out on the therapeutic aspect of a massage. Thats fine too. An experienced massage therapist can easily customize your experience, even if you change your mind during your massage session. Some popular massages fit into both categories, such as hot stone massage which feels amazing, while breaking up stubborn knots.

Kids Babies Teenagers and Massages

Do kids need massages? I get this question fairly frequently. Yes, I have a number of young clients who receive massages for various reasons. I have a nine year old boy, competitive swimmer, going through a growth spurt. Straineous workouts tend to create muscular imbalances, and the body tends to compensate with patterns of localized rigidity and tension. Massage ensures that his muscles get proper blood supply, stay supple and limber. A supple flexible muscle stretches more easily thus making growth spurts more bearable for a child athlete.

A fourteen year old teenager plays competitive golf, and also having hard time fitting in with her schoolmates. For her I combine relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques. A typical session for her consists of specialty massages such asmyofascial release, or cupping massage with Thai massage , interspersed with Swedish or hot stone massage. I have had autistic kids from eight years old and into young adulthood come in for massage. A relaxing massage helps calm them down. Some autistic kids accept this form of caring touch more easily than actual hugs or other forms of affection that involves close contact.

Even babies flourish from regular massage. In a nutshell, babies stay happier and grow healthier with regular massage. A happy baby means better sleep and peace of mind for Mom and Dad, so parents you might consider learning some baby massage. You can learn more about it here

So, have you found yet the best Christmas gift this year? If not, you just might find it here, on sale 🙂

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