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Dry Skin Brushing

Dry Skin Brushing

What is Dry Skin brushing

You might have used a boar bristle brush for your hair. If you run its rigid bristles against your scalp you probably feel a tingling. Maybe shivers run down your spine, because you are now activating acupressure points and nerve endings, stimulating your whole body from head to toe. In much the same way you can stimulate your body by using a similar brush all over your skin, aka dry skin brushing.

What is Dry Brushing Good For?

dry brushing benefits
dry brushing benefits

Dry Skin brushing does a lot of great things for your body. As the name implies, helps dry skin by exfoliating dead skin cells and revealing healthy skin underneath. This serves not only an aesthetic purpose, but also helps your skin have better contact with nurturing substances for better absorption, such as water, air and lotions.

You also require functional blood circulation and lymph circulation, to keep your endocrine system in check, to relay building blocks and nutrients intracellularly, and for efficient waste removal. Dry brushing effectively boosts both your blood and lymph circulation. You will know when you feel your whole body giggling 🙂

Indeed many people become addicted the invigorating feel of dry brushing. Also since dry brushing removes impurities via lymph drainage, guncky cellulite will reduce itself or be gone eventually. Just remember to keep practicing good eating habits so this nastiness doesnt come back!!!As you are brushing and feeling great in spirit and body, you are also tackling stress! The effects are temporary, although very efficient: a 5-10 minutes session easily lasts you 24 hours. the more often you do this the more supercharged you become, requiring fewer sessions in between although why rob yourself of this pleasure?

How to Dry Brush

First choose a brush with firm natural bristles. Look for ones with long handles for better reach behind your back.
You can get a good quality brush for no more than $20. Brush daily or even twice a day. Brush with light circular strokes towards the heart.

To further care for your skin, avoid soaps with added chemicals. Use Dr Bronners or similar. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and zero processed foods packes with sugar and oils.

Book a professional dry skin brushing massage!!!