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Practical Stress Relief

Practical Stress Relief

Stress Relief Mania

We know a lot about stress. We all have it, and most of us shove it under, like out of sight out of mind.
Since stress cant be seen or placed in a neat to do list, its easy to ignore. Although stress has this illusive quality, it will effect your decisions, feelings and emotions and quality of life if you simply ignore it. The main reason people do is that stress management has become a marketing ploy for numerous pharmaceuticals, gadgets and self improvement programs. It seems managing stress has to involve lots of money and time. Who has some to spare please ๐Ÿ™‚ ? Managing stress seems like a luxury, when in fact stress management is necessary for a healthy life, family and society! To become effective at stress management, you actually need some practical stress relief guidelines.

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What Stress Feels Like

An effective trick to managing stress- know first signs of stress. Did you pat yourself on the back for avoiding a confrontation? Good work! What about your feelings? Do you feel hurt? Or have you actually resolved the conflict ? It makes sense to avoid conflict with others in a social environment. If you dont you place yourself at a risk of losing business and colleague relationships, your job and reputation. However, at the end of the day, if you feel drained, its likely you had internalized an interpersonal conflict. That left you feeling in the dumps.. yuck! Lets tackle that..

Practical Stress Relief

Before stress piles up, and you release it where it matters โ€œlessโ€, like close family members, take a personal inventory. Is a situation likely to continue or is it one time occurrence? Why are you upset? Is at a self esteem issue? Do you feel betrayed? Is it a misunderstanding? Can you resolve it without causing conflict? After that do something pleasant for yourself. Take a walk in the park. Call up a friend and then maybe ask some advice. If this situation seems hard to solve such as if you are dealing with multiple people, you may really need an outside influence such as scheduling a regular massage, going to a group fitness class, or it may be a self help therapy such as meditation or making art? Really talk to your self, try to find out the root cause of your problem. You may have become more easily distressed recently. If nothing changed in your social environment, could it be a physical issue like a nagging shoulder or some deficiency? Get a massage and blood work done. Get creative. Maybe you are bored with life. Try something new, pick up a hobby. If you are going through problems in a personal relationship, same inventory skills apply here as well. Many times the problem is miscommunication and misunderstanding, so it helps to learn to listen. Learn to love yourself. Find accomplishments to feel proud about even if these seem small at the time.

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