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Paleo Raw Food Possible?

Paleo Raw Food Possible?

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Paleo raw food can be possible, although, most raw foodists avoid animal products and most Paleos love meat, Correct?… However, if you are one of those adventurous/experimental raw foodists eating animal products, or a Paleo who subsists primarily on a vegetarian diet, then the two diets can coexist!

Becoming Paleo and Staying Raw

typical raw food pyramid

For me personally a Paleo raw food diet is a matter of nutrition. It may vary from person to person, but fat soluble vitamins like A, D, K and H and some nutrients such as Iron and <a href="some nutrients such Sulfur and are likely less bioavailable from vegetative sources. I believe that while raw foods provide me with vitality like nothing else, I cannot subsist on a purely vegan diet at this time. I base this belief on how I feel both on and off animal foods, and also largely on evidence brought forth by medical researcherWeston A. Price.
Becoming acquainted with his work has become a turning point in my vegan philosophy.
I feel more balanced mentally and physically, including small amounts of raw organ meats, raw organic grass fed eggs and bone broth in my diet. However, I feel my best having a raw vegan diet a couple weeks or more at a time. Save for occasional bone broth, I satisfy my caloric needs with sprouted pseudo grains, seeds and lentils: quinoa, buckwheat, chia, flax, etc. I also alternate superfoods such as spirulina, chlorella, maca etc.

Raw Food and Paleo diets

Paleo or not, transition to raw foods takes patience and dedication.
First, figure out what kind of Paleo are you: do you want to eat raw animal products or do you instead want to keep your meat cooked but have a primarily raw vegan diet? If its the later, are you prepared to include pseudo grains in your diet? Pseudo grains and lentils might disqualify you as Paleo and therefore as a Paleo Raw food dieter. However, it would qualify you for all sorts of delightful snacks gone healthy, like crackers, pizza and chips!!!

its possible to customize raw pizzas and other raw food gourmet treats for Paleo purists and even some raw vegans alike who choose to avoid grains and pseudo grains

Paleo Raw Food Possible?

First, its time for a little science in the following paragraph…

According to Paleo philosophy grains contain phytic acid and lectins(considered highest in grains, legumes and dairy), while legumes also contain polysaccharides. These chemicals are linked to poor mineral absorption, inflammation and indigestion respectively. However, proper soaking of grains and legumes completely deactivates all of these, save for phytic acid. However, in small amounts, phytic acid can benefit your health. Your overall diet will significantly effect how your phytic acid interacts with your body. Vitamin D3 content in organ meats and the highly absorbable minerals found in bone broth, greens and other dietary sources of vitamin C have all been shown to significantly counteract phytic acid’s inhibiting effects on mineral absorption. Also, it helps to choose organic, because conventional fertilizers considerably increase phytic acid content in food.

Just FYI I am blood type O and in my experience, I feel a lot healthier going higher on sprouted pseudo grains and lentils, while lowering my nut consumption and keeping my animal products to a minimum. Calories have to come from somewhere ofcourse! Unless you are a sun gazer or so very efficient:) By minimal I mean I will go weeks as a raw vegan, and then have a few consecutive days where I have a daily intake of 12 oz or so of raw organic grass fed organ meat. I might have raw organic grass fed eggs, usually 2-3 in one sitting. For variety I will supplement with raw fermented cod fish oil instead. I avoid eating pseudo grains and other starchy foods with animal products for better digestion. Also, I do include bone broth regularly and whenever I feel like my body needs it, regardless of what day it is. The bulk of my vegan diet remains ~50% veggies (including seaweeds and fermented foods such as sauerkraut)&fruits and ~50% sprouts, unless I hit a raw chocolate day! Oh dear!! not again :)>


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