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What Causes Knee Problems?

What Causes Knee Problems

Knee problems happen from injuries. However, did you know you dont have to have an injury to experience a debilitating condition, such as osteoarthritis, which causes knee pain?

Overweight Causes Knee Problems

Prevent Knee Problems

Prevention gives you much greater chance of success than trying to fix something once broken. Common sense I know.
However, first you need to know how to prevent knee problems, right? Doing regular squats can help avoid knee problems. Squats help strengthen weak stabilizer muscles, ligaments and connective tissues,one major things that causes knee problems. Also, squats help maintain and improve flexibility, which helps you stay balanced and thus help prevent injury. Squats improve the range of motion in your ankles and hips. Besided strengthening exercises consider doing comprehensive daily leg and hip stretches: hamstring and squad stretches, calf stretches and stretches for your iliotibial band.

Heal Knee Problems Non Invasively

Surgery leaves scar tissue, that may impede full knee functionality and cause chronic tension patterns, often leading to pain and loss of function elsewhere in the body down the road. If ever possible try remedies listed below before seriously considering surgery. One cause of knee problems: chronic patellofemoral syndrome (PFPS), has been shown to yield to special exercise and physical therapy.
PFPS, often treated with arthroscopic surgery, considered less invasive than most, has little evidence to support that this treatment has any advantage over non invaisve methods. In fact exercise alone proved equally effective!
Even Glucosamine And Chondroitin, cant compete with the effectiveness of regular and proper! exercise, according to The Glucosamine/chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial (GAIT).

Being obese or even overweight creates stress on the knees, and so logically causes knee problems. Overweight and obese adults with knee osteoarthritis, who got on an intensive diet and exercise program, experienced less pain and better function, along with better physical health-related qualify of life scores, according to recent JAMA study. Rheumatologist Dr. Patience White says “If you lose only five pounds, you’re talking about the equivalent of 20 pounds [less stress] across those knees, so you can imagine it would make quite a difference.”

Arthritis rates double in obese people as those who are normal weight. Not only does the extra weight lead to more pressure on the joints, but it increases inflammation in your body as well. By taking good care of your body weight, you actually reduce your chances of chronic joint pain from any cause.