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Cooked Food, Raw Food and Nutrition

Cooking generally destroys many nutrients found in raw foods. For that reason it makes sense to eat raw foods. On the other hand a few nutrients actually become more readily available via cooking. Here are some topics to consider before you decide which diet suits you best Raw food offers several advantages over cooked food diet.

nutrients reduced during cooking/canning:
Water-soluble nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin B and a group of nutrients called polyphenols ex carrots
Creatine,  Glutathione, beta carotene
nutrients enhanced with cookning: lycopene, carotenoid:

nutrents lost by freezing: anthocyanins



Trypsin inhibitors make it difficult for small intestine to break down the protein from lentils. ¬†These get destroyed by cooking. <a href=”″>Sprouting also considerably reduces these inhibitors , about 4 times in four days!</a>

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