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Raw Vegan Bloodwork: Creatine, Thyroxine, DHEA

Raw Vegan Bloodwork Results

Just got my Raw Vegan Bloodwork Results… They arent perfect! Whaaa? Creatine and Thyroxine, and levels are slightly low for sure. (I did not check my Vitamin D levels, which can also be a concern for vegans and non vegans alike. However, I get sunshine regularly, so it wasnt on my priority list) I picked 5 tests from top 10 recommended on Life Extension Foundation website( Chemistry Panel and Complete Blood Count that included Thyroid TSH, T3 and T4; DHEA; Cardiac C-Reactive Protein; Plasma Homocystein; and Fibrinogen Activity. On the other hand Im really thankful I did it so I can do something about it! According to LEF, one should get bloodwork annually. To a new raw vegan bloodwork offers a comprehensive way to evaluate your diet and lifestyle.

Vegan Bloodwork: Low Creatine Levels

Why worry about low creatine levels? Creatine helps supply energy to all cells, especially muscles, the reason creatine has gained popularity among athletes. Creatine therapy has increased muscle strength in patients with muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular disorders. Obviously, creatine deficiency cannot be a good thing. Personally, I feel not as strong or coordinated as I should be, so its a good feeling having found a possible solution. Generally, I look lean rather than wasted, so it might take just a small tweak to make all the difference.

I am not a total vegan; I have somewhat regularly included some organ meats, fish, eggs and bone broth in my diet. However, I will now listen to my body more when it craves fish and try to eat fish more frequently, then check my progress in a few months with another blood test. I am not a believer in red meat consumption and all other animal products just mentioned arent good sources of creatine. Best food sources of creatine are fish: herring, tuna, salmon, especially raw. Creatine deteriorates under high temperatures, and I love raw salmon. Havent had tuna in years, due to mercury content and poor fishing practices. No matter what, I always get previously frozen fish…and to make sure ALL parasites are killed its best to go the extra mile and keep it frozen another 2 weeks… Here is how to kill parasites to make fish safe to eat. However, from a purely creatine standpoint, fish cooked at low heat would be ok too. Its true that our bodies produce creatine from amino acids arginine, glycine and methionine. Various foods rank high in arginine: including chocolate, almonds, beer and gelatin; and in glycine: egg whites, seaweed, spriulina and sesame seeds, most of these vegetarian. The problem is that our bodies may not be able to convert these efficiently into creatine.

Having said that, creatine supplemets should only be taken by serious athletes and only those athletes using fast twitch muscle fibers, such as power lifters, sprinters and other non endurance sports. Dietary excess of creatine tends to be a lot more common for much of America, so moderation in meat consumption is key. Side effects happen in people taking supplements of more than 5 grams of creatine per day and can be mild; nausea, loose stools, cramping, upset stomach, weight gain, diarrhea and weakness. However, creatine overdose can also cause dizziness, high blood pressure, liver dysfunction and kidney damage, so be careful.

Vegan Bloodwork: Low Thyroxine Levels

Low Thyroxine levels(T3), even slightly low, can cause damage to any and all of the body’s vital organs including the liver, kidneys, heart and brain, because T3 is directly involved in regulating every cell in the body. Regular physicals and bloodtests dont test for T3,T4 and TSH, all linked to thyroid health, but you can request these yourself.

Experiencing any of the following regularly could mean a T3 deficiency :

**Extreme, chronic fatigue**
Difficulty Losing Weight
Mood Alterations ( “physicians have found great results in treating patients with depression disorders with thyroxine even when they showed no tested abnormalities of the thyroid gland.”(
Inability to concentrate
Memory problems

Other less common symptoms include:

Brittle nails
Skin problems
Brittle Bones
Aching joints
Abnormal cholesterol levels (high or low)
Dry hair
Hair loss
Difficulty regulating temperature, especially in cold
Lack of sexual desire

You can boost your T3 levels by eating more Iodine. New research shows that Iodine can be safely taken at doses much greater than current FDA recommendations, “up to 100 mg to reverse fibrocystic disease, allow diabetic patients to use less insulin and hypothyroid patients to use less thyroid medication; resolve symptoms of fibromyalgia; and stop migraine headaches.” -Weston A Price Foundation For mild T3 deficiency you can eat more kale, kelp, oysters, foods high in vitamin C, nuts, tuna, bell peppers and salmon.

Vegan Bloodwork: Low DHEA Levels

The search is still on whether or not my DHEA levels are actually ok. According to Bloodwork Reference they are, but I am not convinced at all, since Im getting some confusing results based on unit conversion. My bloodtest shows 196 ng/dL, but according to LEF, optimal dose is 350-430 ug/dL. That makes 350000 -430000 ng/dL, a range found in some galaxy other than my bloodwork references. Even if they mean ng, Im still low and need DHEA supplement. Havent read that veganism has any connection to this, but its possible…

What is DHEA deficiency linked to?

Chronic inflammation Low libido
Immune dysfunction Cognitive decline
Rheumatoid arthritis Osteoporosis
Increased risk for certain cancers
Some complications of type II diabetes

What is DHEA good for besides being an Antiaging miracle hormone?

Athletes looking to improve performance
Increasing sex drive
Improving recovery time from stress and physical training
Increasing sense of well being
Weight loss
Improving sleep
Muscle gain
Improving mood

Turns out DHEA is produced by adrenals, which also produce cortisol in response to stress. Excessive cortisol production can wear out your adrenals. That is why managing stress levels plays a crucial role in restoring DHEA levels.

Symptoms of elevated cortisol include:

Increased abdominal fat
Stomach ulcers
Suppressed immune response
Mild memory loss
(words, names and numbers)
Accelerated aging
Suppressed thyroid function

Best way to take DHEA is via DHEA cream, applied vaginally or rectally(second best, for men) in the morning. However, too much DHEA can cause:

Tumor formation
Hair loss
Heart rhythm problems


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