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Is UV Sun Exposure Dangerous?

Is UV Sun Exposure Dangerous?

It wouldnt make sense to consider UV sun exposure dangerous. Sunlight is a vital nutrient our bodies need.

Like most things, sunlight is healthy in moderation. From Aristotle’s time through recent history, sunlight has been used to heal serious diseases, including Alzheimers, heart, tuberculosis, and vision. Recently, a link has been established between seasonal depression and lack of sunlight in Northern hemisphere and Polar regions. Lack of sunlight has been associated with diabetes,cancer, tooth decay and rickets. UV light in particular has been attributed to:
vitamin D production within our bodies
lower blood pressure
better heart efficiency
improved electrocardiogram
lower cholesterol
weight loss
psoriasis and other skin conditions
increased sex hormones
beats SAD syndrome

In other words, it wouldnt make sense to consider UV sun exposure dangerous. Sunlight is a vital nutrient our bodies need. The question is how much? Exposure requirements depend on skin melatonin, weight, time of day, wind and air temperature. However, the shortest sun exposure would start at 10-15 minutes each day for extremely fair people and may be as much as several hours if you have very dark complexion. You can easily incorporate your daily work-out routine into an outdoor session, be it yoga, jogging or even weight lifting. You can also get an outdoor massage such as Thai Yoga/Thai Flexibility massage 😉

Is Sun Exposure Dangerous for Vision?

The ancients believed that eyes provided the most accessible route to all internal organs. Therefore they would have patients look at sunlight as part of heliotherapy. The eyes themselves can benefit enormously from daily exposure to direct sunlight. Sungazing should be done 30 minutes after sunrise and/or 30 minutes prior to sunset, when wavelengths are hitting Earth most indirectly. To allow your eyes to acclimate to sungazing, sessions start at just 10 seconds and extend gradually over a course of months. It is believed that sunlight also directly nourishes the pineal gland when it hits the retina. You can alternately gaze at the sun with eyelids closed to get most of the same benefits for eye health and SAd syndrome.

Is Artificial Sun Exposure Dangerous?

Artificial “full spectrum” lamps have been used as an alternative to sunlight therapy. These lamps dont reproduce wavelength proportions accurately and therefore sunlight is always preferable. Dr John Ott discovered the importance of UV spectrum in sunlight, which is almost fully absorbed by plastic diffuser of artificial fluorescent lamp. Dr Ott also warned that fluorescent lamps emit mercury vapor, which further distorts light spectrum, also x-rays and radio waves that produce static. The warm-white florescent with reddish warm hues have been shown to cause thinning hair, excessive calcium deposits and tumors in lab animals as well as behavioral and attention problems in school children. However, in times of bad weather, and seasonally some sun lamps still offer noticeable health benefits. Tanning beds, on the contrary, emit too much UVA and actually contribute to aging. Neil Finsen, artificial sun bath pioneer, had always insisted on low air temperatures and minimal wind in conjunction with sun bathing.



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