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DIY Skin Care Dos and Donts

DIY Skin Care Dos: Honey, Aspirin ?!!

DIY Skin Care Dos and Donts

As part of the overall more health conscientious society, lots of people have been riding the recent rebirth of DIY Skincare. Many of my clients make some form of body-care product for themselves as well as to give away. From perfumes to room incense to body butters to shampoos and deodorants. Certainly no amount of money spent can communicate your sincerity quite like something you actually made yourself. Next time you set out to explore a new DIY project, consider some DIY skincare dos and donts.

DIY Skin Care Donts

You already have a special secret household recipe or are undoubtedly itching to set sail, so first lets clear waters real quick with DIY Skincare Donts.
#1 DIY Skincare Dont: Lemon on Face

Lemon provides a great readily absorbable source of ascorbic acid,  a widely known  anti aging antioxidant, so I felt quite disappointed to learn that lemon’s pH is way too low to put on skin. Certainly not directly.  Until further research which I will share in the near future, I wouldnt even place it on your face diluted with oils.  Over extended periods of regular usage, acidity of lemon can actually damage the lipid layer of your delicate skin.  this applies especially to face, but also to your whole body.  instead opt for gentle cleanses and mechanical exfoliation, such as jojoba beads, cranberry seeds and/ or bristle/fiber brush.


#2 DIY Skincare Dont: Baking Soda Scrub on Face

Yes, baking soda will leave your skin super smooth, soft and with smaller looking pores, but baking soda is too alkaline for regular use.  Now that I have learned about other ways to diminish pore size and to exfoliate I would avoid puttig baking soda on face at all.  Much gentler exfoliation alternatives exist such as oats and those I just mentioned in my last paragraph. If not lactose intolerant, try grassfed yogurt and raw honey based moisturizing mask for soft smooth skin. Proportions are not super critical and depend on your skin. For drier skin use whole milk grassfed yogurt and little more honey.


#3 DIY Skincare Dont: Lavender on Skin

Apperently, lavender has been shown to have cytotoxic and photo toxic properties when applied topically.  That means it can actually damage your skin cells and cause pigmentation!  Funny, since earlier lavender has also been considered as safe to be applied undiluted by carrier oils. I dont enjoy the smell of lavender, so Im ok eitehr way. However, you can still safely add it to room and bedding sprays if you enjoy lavender.

DIY Skin Care Dos

Yay! So here are a few things you can safely use at home ;)>

#1 DIY Skincare Do: Raw Honey on Skin
Raw honey provides your skin with invaluable enzymes and nutrients. Honey also acts as a humectant so it draws moisture into your skin, helping to keep it soft and supple. Even processed honey likely has this humectant quality. Use in moisturizing masks. Add sparingly to lotion, no more than a tsp per 8 oz, as it can make your skin sticky as well.

#2 DIY Skincare Do: Oil cleansing on Skin
Cleaning your skin with oil seemed nonsensical to me at first. In fact, if your skin gets clogged easily and prone to breakouts, you might want to go with the next all natural method for face cleaning. However, when it comes to oils like attracts like. Black heads and pimples form when access oil gets trapped within your pores and you can follow a simple method that involves a wash cloth dipped in hot water, then placed on face. You then rub your face with your blend of oils and wipe off with steaming wash cloth again. You do need to use less comedogenic oils just to be on the safe side. For more details >>>check this out<<<
#3 DIY Skincare Do: clay! on Skin
You can find all colors of skin appropriate clay. Some clay, such as Cambrian blue and green bentonite can be safely ingested in small amounts( about tablespoon clay paste) as form of whole body detox. Clay has biochemistry similar to human body. It absorbs foreign substances: heavy metals, pesticides, harmful bacteria, etc, all of which have positive charge, but leaves our indigenous flora and cells alone alone. All skin types and ages can keep their skin in great condition with clay masks several times a week. Note: wait for skin to feel slightly tight but wash clay off while its still moist, well before you see any pockets of flaky Sahara desert and gasp in horror(within 10 minutes of application of 1/3″ thick paste sour cream consistency ) :>

#4-#7 DIY Skincare Do: Other Worthy Skin things
Aspirin, surprised as I was?, can actually offer great skin cleansing effects. I encourage you to research that further and get back to me with your great results!
fruit and vegetable masks(except citrus and not straight pineapple undiluted)
Eggs. Yes, raw eggs. Not just any eggs though, only organic, grassfed eggs from small farms. Those eggs have Vitamins K, A and D, likely missing or present in only minute amounts in conventional mass produced eggs. Apply agg yolk straight to feed you lipid bi-layer and to enjoy a nice pearlescence afterwards. Apply egg white , let dry and wipe off with wet towel to clear pores of impurities. Once cracked eggs dont keep (this is for a little princess who is reading this and I dont want her to put rotten eggs on her face either ;), so refrigerate whats left and use within couple days. Make an omelet if you have to. Dont waste these !!!
Jojoba beads. waxy biodegradable beads made for face scrubs. havent yet tried these personally.
Turmeric. Oh turmeric! How my Indian friends adore this queen of spice. Its a blood cleanser and great for your skin when applied topically as well. Little pinch goes a long way as with any pungent spice <(;



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