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How to Build Muscle Naturally

No Bulky Muscles? No worries- I promise you will turn more heads with great posture and being healthy any day!!!

First a disclaimer: Bulky muscles get way too much hype. I have seen too many people get hurt overworking their bodies, understretching and ruining their body alignment as they do so. If you arent built to gain muscle like a body builder, dont stress it. I promise you will turn more heads with great posture and being healthy !!!

Build Muscle Naturally with Sauna

You probably know sauna helps lose weight, relax and detox, but you ever heard of sauna helping build muscle?
Looks like, raising your body core temperature in short bursts, common to saunas, improves muscle endurance via “hyperthermic conditioning” ! In addition this improves brain function, better performance under heat stress, and muscle growth. This muscle growth happens due to increased production of heat-shock proteins and growth hormone.
You can begin to enjoy all these health achievements after three consecutive weeks of 30 min sauna sessions twice a week after your workout. Sauna serves older athletes especially well, since muscle mass peaks in your twenties and then can start to dwindle unless you stay active and follow recommendations in this article.

Diet to Build Muscle Naturally

interesting to learn that our requirement for protein increases with age. Remember to include foods rich in Vitamin D and omegas 3 and 9. Whey protein minimally processe and sourced from grassfed cows can also benefit if you are not lactose intolerant. Creatine, another protein you may want to test for to see if you need to incorporate more animal foods. Creatine deteriorates when coked. best source of creatine: raw saltwater fish aka sushi, just saying. Remember, a little dietary tweak goes a log way. No need to pig out on anything mentioned here. Dont skimp on good fats, those monounsaturated and even saturated ones, especially if you are athletic. You need adequate calories so that your body doesnt resort to scavenging your muscle tissue for energy.

If you stick with vegan life style you know about complete proteins, nuts and legumes. Also consider getting a comprehensive annual bloodwork will help guard you against inadvertent deficiencies of vital nutrients such as Sulfur, creatine, glutathione, Fat soluble vitamins, minerals and more.

Get Massage to Build Muscle

Look, nobody has the crystal ball when it comes to whats best for your body. However, I know massage cant hurt. Studies suggest massage imroves blood flow and muscle tone. In other words massage effects the body on a molecular level by helping transport vital muscle building blocks and via mechanical action, by directly stimulating the muscles, breaking up adhesions to help them stay functional and healthy 😉