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Cactus Vitamin Powerhouse?

I say its a cactus, you say prickly pear, banayna, banAhna. the cactus fruit and leaf have similar health benefits, I checked :)>

Research By Marco N.

Cactus Vitamin Powerhouse?

Being a fruit of the Nopales cactus, Prickly pear or the cactus pear is a tasty sprout, which is a great addition to your diet. What makes this fruit so interesting is the fact that it is a natural antioxidant and will definitely help your body extinguish all the toxic flames, but also it is a low-calorie dietary fiber enriched with lots of vitamin C. The frenzy for this fruit has been unstoppable lately, and more and more doctors prescribe it as an addition to many medication. On the other hand, eating its pealed flesh can help you in preventing many medical conditions from happening. So is this fruit as promising as it sounds?
Here are some of the things that make this tropical plant so famous:
Great addition to any diet
The pealed flesh of the fruit weights around 100 grams, and it has around 4 grams of dietary fiber. By the US standards, this is 16 percent of the allowed daily intake of fiber by adult men and women, which is more than just great, since it is all coming from a single source of food. In addition to that, the fruit is cholesterol-free, and thus you can use it to manage your blood cholesterol level. Also, it is good for digestive tract, for it helps you by speeding your digestion and your metabolism, which further benefits your diet. Overall, the fruit is more than capable of helping you lose weight, and in the same time, give you the vitamins and energy needed for the day. Noplate cactus boasts a rich source of omega 3 and 6, Taurine, Manganese, Magnesium, and Betalains linked to reduced blood sugar levels. Its fresh juice helps resolve inflammation, control cholesterol, and actually a lot more due to its high vitamain, flavonoid and mineral content. Just like a rose hides its beauty with thorns, so does the cactus hide its vitamin powerhouse in its Prickly Pear 🙂

Vitamin Powerhouse: Vit C

Vitamin C is important for your proper growth, bone development, your regenerative abilities, and ensures that your immune system is stable and working. That is why prickly pear should be consumed on a daily basis, for it possesses 25 percent of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C. Also, the antioxidants from the fruit help you in keeping your DNA safe, by preventing any tissue damage and potential development of cancerous cells. That is right, this fruit can and has proved to prevent many types of cancer, but also helps in preventing some known heart conditions, hypertension, and osteoporosis.
Keep the fruit in a cool and dark area, for its vitamin powerhouse c-rich content can degrade if kept on a hot spot, or being sun-exposed. Peel the fruit only before you eat it, to maximize the benefits of its rich content.

Vitamin Powerhouse:Calcium

Milk is not the only source of calcium
Did you know that this fruit is also rich in calcium, and that it provides you with a decent amount of it? By eating it every day, you will make your teeth stronger, and your bones will gain in power. In order for your cardiovascular and nervous systems to function properly, calcium is required in a massive dose, every day. This is especially great opportunity for vegans, who don’t take enough calcium every day. By eating this tasty and fresh fruit, you can refill some of the important ingredients your body needs on a regular basis.

To sum up, the vitamin powerhouse that prickly pear is should be a part of every cousine, for its healthy properties are more than important for a healthy life. It should be consumed every day, and therefore put an end to all the cancers that are waiting just around the corner.

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