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Health Benefits of Near and Far Infrared Saunas

Health benefits of near and far infrared sauna

near infrared lamps have several advantages over far infra red

It is universally known that infrared treatments are a very effective way of disease control, prevention and healing. It is due to the fact that infrared light has the ability to pass through the human tissue. Both far and near infrared saunas are definitely the “hottest” ones and are prescribed widely as a measure of home therapy, for healthier living. But what is it that makes these saunas so special?

Health benefits of infrared saunas

Sweating is one of the best ways to detoxify your body and in the process burn all the unwanted calories. This type of sauna is the only in the world that can get some of the heavies metals out of your body through sweat, such as mercury and lead. But infrared sauna provides much more than just that. It relaxes your entire body by balancing your body’s cortisol level. It is also destressing since the heat will relax all your muscles and relieve you of any tension. Also, it improves circulation throughout your entire body by stimulating the blood flow at higher body temperatures. With the circulation-improving effect, the sauna will help relieve from all muscle-related pain (joins included) and will decrease the pain from any inflammation. Infrared sauna is very effective when it comes to losing weight for it increases your heart rate to the same rate as if you were exercising. Important to mention is the ability to purify your skin, making it feel softer and younger for many years to come.

Far infrared vs. Near infrared saunas

Every sauna powered by electrical energy emits a radioactive wave. These waves vary depending on the type of sauna. In this case, the electromagnetic pollution from the far infrared saunas is far worse than the one from the near infrared saunas. This is due to the fact that all the emitters in the far infrared sauna are scattered throughout the sauna and the wiring is all over the sauna, on all the adjacent walls.
Near infrared heat lamp is much more powerful than any of the far infrared energy emitters and can be placed on a specific part of the body, whereas the emitters from the far infrared saunas are placed all over the sauna. Also, it has been proved that the light emitted from the near infrared lamp is as good as or even better than the light coming from the far infrared sauna emitters. It assists healing and regenerative ability of your body and cells, organs and glands.
With the near infrared sauna, you have to move the device around your body parts every now and then, while with the far infrared emitters you can just relax in one pose for the entire period. Also, the far infrared sauna is much smaller than the near infrared sauna, only because of the size of the lamps.

Dangers of the infrared saunas

As every other sauna, infrared sauna has its dark side. The far infrared rays do not carry the dangers associated with IR or X-rays. But, the potential problems can become overheating which can lead to a potential heat stroke, dehydration, the usage of sauna while or after drinking alcoholic beverages, losing minerals or electrolytes through sweating, and the potential effect of mobilized toxins in your body. All of these potential threats can be controlled with a proper usage of the sauna, and with the time spent inside the sauna. Never spend more time than allowed in an infrared sauna. It is not recommended to use the sauna while you are injured and under some medications which affect the healing process, or have an acute injury.

Verdict – Infrared sauna is a great way of relaxing your body and improving its healing condition. If used properly, it can enhance your body’s functions, and make you feel energized and more rejuvenated, but if used without proper care, it might cause some major issues which are health related.

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